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Trip planner

Wouldn't it be great to have a trip planning software, on your smartphone AND in a web app, so that you can plan your trip according to distances, speed limits and (most of all) charging stations? And have it pre-loaded in your car's navigation system when you leave the next morning?

I think Tesla should take this into consideration. It would give a lot of peace of mind to people living far away from any Supercharger (like us in Europe).

Oh, and please: electrically folding rear mirrors! In Europe we have narrow parking lots!

Marco from Venice, Italy

I'm sure Tesla will have these features in their smartphone app very soon and via Google Maps (you can search for chargers already in Google Maps).

I expect they will *eventually* integrate nav and energy planning, but in the meantime I've been working on something at - we're looking for more feedback to tweak the calculations, but they seem quite good most of the time.

The "in car" version is at (it has some tweaks to the can enter any number of addresses for the path like )

Cliff, I think you meant

And wow, that UI is a nice improvement to your already powerful tool.

Very classy, Cliff!

What happened to the elevation compensation on the trip planner? It seems no longer to be taking elevation changes into account.

Did you take your trip planner offline? It doesn't seem to be working any more.

Plans but without tbe digital elevation model data for hills aspect.

Not sure if those above noticed, but elevation is working again - Mapquest had changed their API and we didn't realize...fixed now.

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