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Trunk/Frunk tie downs needed?

I'm eagerly awaiting my Red S85, expected in the April/May timeframe. I'm getting as prepared as I can be for delivery. I ordered, and have received, the Tesla tire repair kit and the cargo net. I was expecting the cargo net to actually be a cargo bag...something that would service as a retaining net but also hold contents of its own. I have owned a couple of cars that had such nets.

I'll be carrying some mandatory stuff around with me, as will we all...tire repair kit, power charging cable, a buttload of adaptors, etc. As far as I can see, there is no convenient way to keep all of this junk corralled in the trunk or frank.

Thoughts? How do those lucky ones who have already taken delivery deal with this issue?

"Mounting hardware included". 4 nails? ;)

Thanks Alex. Yeah I'm curious about how you mount it.

@olanmills | FEBRUARY 4, 2013: Yeah I'm curious about how you mount it.

Instructions are found at

Manufacturer Web site is

Looks like they only talk about folding the net in half and adhering by screws or adhesive pads (both types being included).

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