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Trying to understand the tax credits related to charger installation

My P85 is scheduled for delivery mid December. I purchased a HPWC to install at my house. I think I have seen that there is a tax credit for a private installation. I own a small office building just outside of downtown Houston. If I put another HPWC there, and made it available for public use (I guess charge a little something for a battery charge) isn’t there a pretty good sized tax credit that almost pays for the whole HPWC?

This might be a start. Incentives vary state to state and utility to utility.

(may come from Connecticut, but seems to be about the Federal credit).

The summary seems to be: If not at a business, needs to be at your own main home. Tax credit is 30% up to $1000 for private, 30% up to $30K for businesses. Assuming you aren't paying AMT, in which case I think you're out of luck.

There may be other state credits.

Do it soon, I think it expires at the end of the year.

Link is the federal form and instruction for 2012.

Like all things government is is difficult to absolutely verify that this applies in 2013. Keep checking Search for form 8911. Someday it will show up as a 2013 form unless our last minute, never plan ahead, crisis management, Federal Government changes their mind.....assuming government actually has a mind.

Does this only apply to the HPWC?

Mine was flatly denied by the IRS at the federal level (IRS). My tax adviser researched and told me that they could do it (some weird fine print that came in after tax laws changed during "sequester" fiasco)

They also tried to deny the 7500 tax cred based on ATM (alternative minimum tax that has dipped drastically since 2009 -check out the chart if you ever get the chance) and I fought that one. After 8 months of fighting the IRS I won. (I probably ended up on a political "enemies" list...but what the heck)

Don't know if they are consistent with these denials for the charging stations. I know they are NOT consistent the 7500 tax credit denial. They test you to see if you are willing to fight back.

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