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TSLA stock price in 5 years

What do you think the price of TSLA stock will be on December 31, 2016? Do you own the stock? Care to say how many shares? Please pick a specific dollar amount - no ranges please. If you think they will be bought out, put that down.

We could all throw $5 in a pot and whoever is closest wins????


There was a treaty (General Agreement on Trades and Tarriffs, GATT) some years back that regularized the terms of patents in most places. All new patents now have an expiry of 20 years after the Priority Date (which, except for the exceptions) is the date of filing the application.

I certainly hope that Tesla is continuing to invent and file patents. Maybe by the time their core IP on battery layout or whatever expires, they'll have new patents that are just as unavoidable.

My 43rd patent plaque arrived this morning! Yay. :-)

Oops, somehow posted this reply to the wrong thread; it was meant for the one about patents.

Patents are valid for 20 years from *filing* date (not priority date--some patents have a priority date many many years earlier than their filing date). [It used to be 17 years from grant.]

Patents are, of course, a matter of public record. If you go to the USPTO and search for patents assigned to "Tesla Motors" you get 57 of them. The oldest one was filed in 2007 and the newest was filed in 2009 (which doesn't mean they have stopped filing patents--the search I ran only gives you granted patents). In other words there are fifteen-or-more years left on all of their patents.

(Is it asking too much for people to check the facts before making claims?)


All of Tesla's US patents, and patent applications--if they issue, fall under the 20 year from filing date rule as all are filed, with respect to their patent utility applications, post 1995. According to the USPTO website, the earliest non-provisional filing date for any patent or patent application listing Tesla Motors as an assignee is early 2007.

As a general note, the old rule (pre 1995) is 17 years from from patent issue (not filing) still applies to older patents and may apply to a very, very few still pending applications if the applications can trace back to pre-1995 and meet a particular set of criteria.

The full text of the "new" 1995 rule which changed the term from 17 to 20 years can be read at:

For those of you who may be interested in what Tesla is trying to patent now-all US pending patent applications are published 18 months from their earliest filing date. Go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office website and search under the patent application (not patent) database using the term "tesla motors" as an assignee name. Tesla has 35 patent applications which have published since the start of 2011. The search is free. This is the link.

If you are interested in Tesla's issued US patents go to the USPTO website and search the patent (not patent application) database using the term "tesla motors" as an assignee name. The search is free. This is the link for the quick search page.

For those of you in Europe, you can search (for free) the european patent offices website for Tesla patent and patent applications. They also publish after 18 months after filing. The EPO website operates in English, French and German. The link is

fascinating, thx. It reminds me that a major 'purpose' of patents is to make information available that would otherwise simply be hidden by inventors etc. That's still the route taken by those most concerned about Chinese competition, as they barely go through motions of enforcing patents, especially foreign ones.

bump from the dead, things are looking better and better ;)

I own 1100 share,average price $30-32.
This week they are alredy in the 90's.
My predictions are below.

2013 150
2014 210 (Tesla X is released in 2014)
2115 400 (that is when the Tesla C comes out)
2016 1,000

Oh Nick. You shorting sad sack.

You should have come on and said

"I already made so much money from buying at $17 and selling at $97. There's no way it's going to go up any more. The stock is overvalued."

@Brian H,

Your guess is looking better and better.

jstack....Hope you are right. If so, all that own Tesla now will have a model s, X and/or Gen III for every member of their family from their profits alone.

I am optimistic, but doubt $1,000 within 3 years. I will be very happy to see 250-300/share within 2 years.

I do see Tesla being sold so Elon can pursue his other interests once he delivers the Gen III and completes his tesla plan.

Your Jan 23.46 purchases are looking pretty good about now. That's two doublings ...

I purchased shortly after IPO. I'm a small budget investor and at the time only had around $180 in my trading account available. Dropped $170.05 total on 9 shares @ just over $18 I think.

Currently on the debate to sell... worried it's overvalued along with the price just going up based on good news. I do really like the company and what they stand for which is the reason I purchased in the first place.

Maybe I'll play the waiting game and one day sell the stock to buy a Tesla to drive. It's #1 on my Dream Car list next to it's polar opposite a Range Rover Defender.


I had the same idea of waiting. This company is incredible and I think we've only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential.

Tomorrow is the big Supercharging announcement at 130PST. Let's at least wait to hear what's new.

1:30 EST, 10:30 PST.

Current price appreciation is a result of the short interest reducing coupled with a string of good news and accolades. Can't forget a big bull market in general right now too. Less tsunami and more super storm of hurt.

Things will settle down in June. What base range they settle is anyone's guess. I feel we'll end the year around the 100 range. 2014, will bump to maybe 125-145 as MS demand reaches 30k and production rate increases 30K/year as well as a successful launch of MX at 300-400/week. If Q1 numbers turn in 10-12k and demand outlook is strong, then maybe hit 175-200 by mid 2015. If they come out with an alpha GenIII by summer/fall 2015, and it's outstanding, then stock could go and hold around 200. Add to it the build out of the GenIII under budget, and could give extra support above 200 into 2016. Finally, successful launch of GenIII at 2000/week in 2017... the skies the limit... I think it could go well above 300 if the conditions are right. Maybe well above 300 if partnerships happen(i.e. google/apple), Solarcity does very well (creates a giant energy storage market for used Tesla battery packs), SpaceX does well, etc... If all goes to plan, meaning 500k/year, market cap at 52b by 2020, price could be 650-850.

Ahh, the joys of a wild imagination. Gotta love being a backyard palm reader with a magic eight ball.

where do we stand on june 20th? Elon said on D11, that's the date for the Model-S announcement!!!!

I'm the only one, who catched this?
My tip: 500 Mile-Range!

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