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Uneven cabin pressure

Hi Owners!

Just picked up my Model S today. Love it obviously. One thing I noticed while driving around town (going about 35 mph) is a clear sense of uneven cabin pressure. First, I should preface this to my extreme sensitivity to uneven cabin pressure. In other cars, I could never tolerate when one window was open and the others were closed because I would get that horrible pressure buildup in my ears and a sense that my head was vibrating. All windows had to be equally opened or all closed for my internal "uneven cabin pressure" alarms not to go off. Today, I had all windows and the pano roof closed, and I occasionally (but not always) got that uneven pressure buildup in my ears. Each time (it happened 3 times) I'd check that all windows were indeed up, and they were.

Just wondering if anyone else has picked up on this in their car, or if it might be indicative of the known issues with alignment of the panels or with the pano roof.

This has been discussed many times before and is referred to as "Pressure Buffeting". Take a look at this forum link: Solution to Pressure Buffeting Issue in Some Cars

Oh awesome Alex! I have never heard the term "pressure buffeting" but it indeed seems to be identical to what I'm calling "uneven cabin pressure". I will work on this fix tomorrow. Glad to know that no welding should be required.

Mine had this issue on the fist day. Adjusted the rubber rear trunk/hatch stoppers a bit and all was good. No issues since.

Yep, you can put the laser eye back in the box.

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