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Unexpected improvement in Version 5.8?


After reviewing many posts on both Tesla forums it appears that there might be an unexpected improvement in Version 5.8. I'm reading posts that discuss:

- Change in the regen that affects how quickly it engages
- Improvements in KWh/mi metrics
- Improvements in estimated range accuracy

Do you think there is a connection between these 3 items and a potential improvement that probably should have been called out in the release notes?

If so, that is very cool indeed!!

I did a long road trip last weekend and I discovered several subtle changes. They don't mention the all the refinements and optimizing in the release notes. It is evident that they refined the cruise control response, for example.

Yes, I believe I saw a reference to the cruise control being positively affected by the regen change. I wonder if it also would affect how quickly the brake lights engage when releasing the accelerator pedal during one pedal driving. Pretty interesting and small but potentially impactful change...

Supercharging seems to have been improved as well: my 85 went from 48 to 264 in just a bit over one hour today! Amazing!


I asked about that at the West Coast Supercharger event. They have done more testing and determined that our cars can take more juice and they bumped up our charging rate.

They also said we shouldn't be surprised to see even faster charging in future updates. The Superchargers are getting amped up again very soon as well.


Great! Had not heard that. It's getting better and better indeed!

I think there were actually quite a few cool new things in 5.8 that have been lost because of the air suspension threads.


@ Hill country,

Do the brake lights go on later than earlier? I have not tried to see the difference yet.

The things people notice!


Wish I knew, I still just a lowly Prius owner...Next year for me! That said, I wish Tesla would republish the release notes with all of the changes for this release. Clearly, there are a number of changes not mentioned in the current notes. Some of them very good!

It does seem energy consumption may have gone down some - will need more time to see if this is real - or just temporary change due to recent weather.

Another unexpected improvement has been that the rear camera view no longer gets disabled when the homelink menu drops down. When I am reversing or driving the car if the camera was on the up half of the screen the camera view would get disabled because of the GPS enabled menu drop down. Now everything works as it should.

Is anyone else continuously checking to see if the regen was accidentally set to low?

No, but I wondered if this could be the case. Anyone see their regen set to low after the 5.8 Upgrade? I'm guessing no but good to check -

Based on Tesla's oblique reference to tightening up the metrics/calculations on "range" and "normal" miles showing on instrument panel, and my experience this last week after the 5.8 update, I'm thinking that the car is now showing expected ranges strictly based on driving history. Thus attempting to have a much more accurate and individualized "miles to go" number always on the screen---one accurate throughout the length of the charge. Do I hear any consensus?

they've definitely removed the 60A limit for HPWC charging, such a relief !
I had to set it manually to 80A every time...

There's already a "Projected" range. Making "Rated" individual, too, defeats the purpose.

Had no problems with the hpwc charging and staying set at 80 amps with version 5.0. Don't really need to charge at that rate. It's only 22 mls to work

@Brian H: Hardly. Projected is based on, at most, the last 30 miles of driving; rated, on total car mileage. Could easily be a significant variance.

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