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Another great review. Pretty convincing.

Great! I can`t wait to get mine delivered!..

Future Supercharger locations, albeit, a couple of years out, on Tesla map at 51 sec.


Except I must express my PROFOUND disappointment to see that my area of the country (Wyoming/Montana) is COMPLETELY DISREGARDED on the proposed Supercharger Map. Might not mean anything to coastal folks or mid-westerners, even though were are on the Boston-Chicago-Seattle corridor, near 3 major National Parks (Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier, and numerous worthwhile natural and historical sites, that receive large numbers of tourist visitors a year) and, even though I live near the intersection of two major Interstate Highways (I-25 and I-90), there is no supercharger on that map closer than 400 miles from me. Free supercharging and much vaunted supercharger capacity is essentially worthless for me. wow, took the wind out of my sails today,

@imherkimer Sorry to hear about the Supercharger issue, but it's important to note that map has been out in the public since Spetember 2012 when it was presented at Telsa's supercharger event on 9/24/2012. So just to be fair, it was out there before you finalized. I know it's still frustrating though.


unfortunately for folks in areas with fewer Model S owners, Elon's supercharger plans aim to focus spending on those areas with the highest density of MS drivers, to maximize the impact of those supercharger dollars.

Th elong term plan does include nationwide coverage though - just a longer wait for the Wyoming's of the world.

Here's the long-term map:

I wouldn't put too much stock in that map. I am in Texas and from what I could see, the map just shows a supercharger IN Dallas, IN San Antonio and IN (maybe) Austin. There is no way this is accurate, AT ALL.

Update: I just spoke with Kelly at the Tesla Park Meadows in Colorado and she sent me images of the planned 2 year and 4 year supercharging network. In the 4 year map, I'm covered! Yay! And so is much of the rest of the area around me. Its four years. A little wait but not too bad. She was completely reassuring, and mentioned that they already have Model S owners in Wyoming, Montana, and Utah, that are dealing with the same issues, and how they are faring. She was very understanding of the concerns, and showed that Tesla is already well ahead of this. It's just a matter of time.

OK. Feel better. Thanks

Imherkimer, please post those maps if you can!

the short term 2 year plan is the one that appears in the review.
for the long term plan see link on post @Enoch_Root above

Note that none of these are anything but prelim programmers' guesses about the way that spacing would work out.

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