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Upcoming Factory Visit - List of questions for Attendees

Since many of us forum members and lurkers will be living vicariously through the factory attendees, I thought it may be time to collect a list of questions and requests since we all are anxiously awaiting further details on the Betas.

(1) I'll start the list and ask for MORE PICTURES. Basically, as many as they will let you take. I find it frustrating to wait to see what the back seat looks like, the storage, the roof from the inside, etc.

(2) I'd also like to ask someone that is about 6'4" 250lbs to let me know what the headroom, legroom is like in the Beta. A comparison to another auto model would be very happy because this I can relate to. I understand Elon is about this height but from what I've seen he isn't built like a linebacker (or maybe more realistically closer to a lineman).

(3) I'd love to see a list of color combinations (interior/exterior) to be offered

(4) I'd love to see a list of standard and optional features. Like full glass roof, or audio.

Please add to this thread if there are specific things you are dying to see or find out about.

Thanks everyone,

I have seen 10-year olds that are near five feet tall, my cousin has a 12 year old daughter that is six feet tall (looks a lot older than she is), and my sisters (argh, what's the word for male version of daughter?) is only five year old and already over four feet tall. OTOH there are adults that are shorter than those.

Age doesn't really tell do they fit in. You need measurements of the space to really know how tall child fits in that space.

I'll bet you that all of the cars on display will not have the child seat option installed. I just have a gut feeling that will be the case. Right now there are virtually no interior photos. I wouldn't expect Tesla to allow the first interior photos to come from a customer. Think about it.

The only way we'll see the third row of seats in a Model S beta (Oct 1) is if Tesla releases their interior photos before Oct. 1.

I was at an event recently where Tesla was showing the prototype and they wouldn't talk to us at all about the interior other than to say that it was nothing at all like it is in the prototype. Other than the 17" touch screen console, everything has been revamped.

Wonder if they have a surprise in store for us.


"Other than the 17" touch screen console, everything has been revamped."

We got a chance to sit in the Alpha prototype recently and my wife loved the car, but hated the seats in terms of comfort. I'm hoping to see an improvement in this area when we get our ride in Fremont.


@ Timo
"and my sisters (argh, what's the word for male version of daughter?"

That would be your nephew (her son)


My big concern is going to be the back seat(I will never be in the back). Looking at pictures and videos the driver always seems tight because there are people in the back. I have talked to reps and they say it will be bigger then my 5 series. I am excited to see how it really is on Oct 1st. Flying out see some family, see the car of the future and play a little golf. Life is good.

Has anyone been in the back seat? (not the 2 kid seats)

@Brian H, thanks for that image. :-)

Actually, my kids are on the other end of the spectrum (small for their ages), so I'm wondering just how many years of use I might get out of the jump seats.

A height limit specification would be most useful, but probably won't be available for a while, which is why I was hoping someone could get pictures.


What are they doing to hack-proof Info Screen System? Check out this WSJ link….

My expectations of this event are a LOT lower than the rest of you ... I'm looking at this as a 'first glance, thank-you to reservation holders' & NOT as an event where I'll get all my questions answered.

People are going to be disappointed if they show up thinking the final version is going to be ready for a detailed once-over.

This should be a fun time. I'll get to meet a lot of other Roadster owners that I've talked to many times on-line. I'll get a ride in my next new car. We'll all get to compare notes about owning an EV. I'm excited about seeing the factory floor. And I appreciate Tesla opening the doors to us.

Anything more will be a bonus.

Hi Bonnie,

I think that you're absolutely right, it would be wise to manage our expectations to avoid being disappointed. I do however find it encouraging that Tesla is having this open house and is unveiling the Betas. I'm hoping that is a positive indicator that production is still on schedule. With 3000 expected attendees, there is no doubt a lot of anticipation building up by both prospective buyers and the press. So I'm hoping that Tesla is in a position to somewhat satisfy that desire for more tangible information.


If you listened to Elon's conference call, he was rather building expectations up than down. Complete with major corporate announcements.

3000 expected attendees? Seems like somewhere around here somebody said they'd capped it at 500 (plus 500 guests = 1000). Not true?

Hi Brad,

I got the number from this Motor Trend article.

Bet With Auto Writer Dan Neil May Lead Tesla CEO to Donate $1 Million to Charity

"“I’m still game if Elon is,” said Neil to Detroit Free Press, regarding the wager. Neither of the two betters seems particularly worried about losing, but Musk is especially determined to meet his goals, going so far as to invite 3000 customers to see prototypes of the Model S at Tesla’s plant in Fremont, Calif. The event is intended to give customers a feel for what the Model S can do, and will allow them to sample the car’s acceleration, handling, and fit and finish."


3,000 invites doesn't mean 3,000 acceptances. Hard to tell what is meant, there. That might also include press and VIPs, etc.

I wonder if Toyoda will be there, and if Elon will give him a custom Model S Sport Beta! ;)

"3,000 invites doesn't mean 3,000 acceptances. Hard to tell what is meant, there. That might also include press and VIPs, etc."

Hi Brian,

Yes, the number is certainly open to interpretation. However, at the time that the initial "The Betas are Coming!" notification there were more than 6,000 reservation holders worldwide. If the 3,000 number represented the number invitations sent out then Tesla would have made a serious blunder by missing half of their potential customer base.


Maybe the 3,000 represents all attendees (reservation holders, press, guests, etc.) across the two days. Either way, it won't be nearly as packed as it could've been!

Would love to know if the S has folding mirrors and what the width would be.
The 'with mirrors' specs are on the FAQ page....

"3,000 invites doesn't mean 3,000 acceptances. Hard to tell what is meant, there. That might also include press and VIPs, etc."

Hi Brian,

Here's a quote from the just released Tesla newsletter:

"In October, Tesla will raise the curtain on its Model S Beta vehicle. More than three thousand reservation holders and their guests will tour the Tesla Factory in California, and get exclusive test rides in the Betas."


Yeah, those demo betas will be busy! I'm most interested in the pix and what bombshells Elon is going to drop. I hope there's video or audio of his announcement(s).

If they're not shooting anything official, I'll try to get some footage guerrilla-style. ;)

Yeah, those demo betas will be busy!

That event may as well double as a stress test for the units at work. Stop - go - top accel - repeat. For hours on end. :-)

3000 people on test drives with an average of 3 passengers each is 1000 test rides. Over 2 days is 500 test rides per day. If there are 10 test drive vehicles, then thats 50 rides per vehicle. If each test ride is for 2 miles, then each will travel 100 miles. Under these assumptions, I guess you won't see any battery swapping demonstrations.

Maybe one reason for the 2 days of demos is to ensure the 300 mile batteries don't need recharging between demo rides, but, instead, can be recharged overnight.

It would be cool if they show Tesla fast charger in action in there too.

If that 50 rides / vehicle is correct and they reserve four hours for those rides then that's 240 minutes / 50 rides. 4.8 minutes / ride. That's then 2,4 miles / vehicle / ride if average speed is 30mph. Five minutes behind the wheel sounds reasonable.

With that timetable you wouldn't need to recharge those at all. Even smallest battery pack could handle that.

I am less optimistic about the length / duration of the rides. Looking at videos from the alpha announcements, it sounded more like a quick loop although I hope we will get a ride on the local track and get some idea on how the cars will perform. Anything beyond that would be a bonus for me.

I expect a two minute ride.

"If they're not shooting anything official, I'll try to get some footage guerrilla-style. ;)" @Brad Holt

Yes please. I will be monitoring YouTube and these forums like it's my job on Oct. 1. If anyone uses Twitter or Google+ and plans to be doing live updates let the community know, pick up some followers.

I live in Fremont, CA. My wife and I will be at the factory on Oct. 2nd. I'll bring my iPhone and iPad so can do live updates on Google+. My id is russell.engle on Google+ if you can't make it and would like to put me in a circle to follow.

Given that most of us probably can't get into Google+, would someone who can please remember to get the rest of us some other link? Thanks.

Would you like a Google+ invite? I can send you one. Just need your Google Account name.

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