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Upcoming Factory Visit - List of questions for Attendees

Since many of us forum members and lurkers will be living vicariously through the factory attendees, I thought it may be time to collect a list of questions and requests since we all are anxiously awaiting further details on the Betas.

(1) I'll start the list and ask for MORE PICTURES. Basically, as many as they will let you take. I find it frustrating to wait to see what the back seat looks like, the storage, the roof from the inside, etc.

(2) I'd also like to ask someone that is about 6'4" 250lbs to let me know what the headroom, legroom is like in the Beta. A comparison to another auto model would be very happy because this I can relate to. I understand Elon is about this height but from what I've seen he isn't built like a linebacker (or maybe more realistically closer to a lineman).

(3) I'd love to see a list of color combinations (interior/exterior) to be offered

(4) I'd love to see a list of standard and optional features. Like full glass roof, or audio.

Please add to this thread if there are specific things you are dying to see or find out about.

Thanks everyone,

Their site says they aren't even taking invites now, but I'm game: (this mailinator stuff is nice.. thanks, forum!)

I'll post some photos on my own site, and most likely a video for the YouTubes. :)

I'll post to Skydrive and make them all public. Planning on shooting video and pic's.

I'll repeat my one big question: Someone PLEASE take a tape measure or ruler and measure the underclearance, and clearance to the bottom of the door, "for real". It shouldn't take long.

Those numbers never are exactly as announced and a lot of us are concerned -- underclearance might be a very reassuring measurement of 6 inches or more, or it might be a very worrisome measurement of 3 inches or less...


"Those numbers never are exactly as announced and a lot of us are concerned -- underclearance might be a very reassuring measurement of 6 inches or more, or it might be a very worrisome measurement of 3 inches or less..."

I agree that this is an important measurement, but I find it rather unlikely that the clearance would be 3 inches or less. It is interesting to note that the Model S's stated ground clearance is consistent with other luxury sport sedans, and not as low as a few. I guess that as a result of this, some of us will have to get used to a stiffer suspension.

Visit Comparing Sedan on
Suspension-Ground Clearance (in)


Please post new video of the factor if they will let you.
Please film or take picture of the metal production and paint facility.
I am eager to see the color combo.

You can still get an invite from someone who is already in. Sent you one.

@MTriantafelow: please send an email to so we can continue this conversation out of the forum. Thanks.

@Larry Chanin

Thanks for that link. This is *why* I want an actual physical measurement. My Dad has an A6. It claims on that list that it has 4.6" underclearance. But if you get down there with a ruler, it has significantly more whereever it matters, over 5".

Suspension-ground clearance must be measured in a funny way. Either there's only one tiny part protruding downward (perhaps right near the wheels) or it's measured under some sort of "worst case scenario" which doesn't include properly inflated tires, or *something*.

I am wondering what the real-world clearance when going over bumps and potholes is, and it often seems larger than the quoted clearance. I hope the same is true for the Model S....


I'd like a google+ invite. Send to kubl4i. Thanks.

Google+ is now open to all. No invite needed.

Ground clearance is normally measured where the wishbones of the suspention are mounted on and bolted into the car's frame. That bolt is the reference. Of course this depends a lot of the settings of the supension which I guess is not final at all. You could easily change it 20 to 30mm depending on height selection of the suspension and bump forces of the damper.
In anycase, I promise to take a ruler with me to measure the current setting :-)

I watch a lot of technology podcasts and it would be awesome if I can connect my iPhone to the center counsel and listen / watch the Podcasts on that 17" screen (I often make my wife drive so I can catch up on them as well so to watch and hear them in the car would be SAH-WEET!).

Will it be able to be pre-cooled or pre-heated while plugged in? That would take some pressure off the batteries.

Which charging cable will come standard with the model S? I hope it is the universal mobile connector that I can plug into a 50A outlet.

If I have any cell / WiFi coverage during the event, I will try to take some pictures and upload them to a Picasa Web Album

You can follow me on Google+ under the user name "ggjunky" or directly to the album

Excited about factory tour (wife thinks I'm strange), but have not yet received a confirmation to my RSVP response, nor any additional info. Anyone else not received anything yet?

I'll try to post everywhere, but these three will be my most shared-upon places. Happy stalking! :)

Twitter: @thebradholt
Google Plus:

who else could capture the Model S in all it's glory, no one comes to mind...
will you be taking the RED to the event?
.. and don't be alarmed i'm far away in Austria... so cyberstalking you (links provided in the post above.) for stunning pictures


Nah, I won't be taking the RED with me, but I will have a 5Dii for stills and video. I'll definitely shoot with my phone too though, for more prompt web posting. :)

Brad just FB'd that the S Design Studio is up:

That was his, I guess. Here's the generic site:

Paint, roof, and wheels are the only "variables" available so far.
Only the Signatures get red.

I'll be there tonight. Watch out for photos and videos on +nickjhowe and @nickjhowe

Did anybody find out how soon the other features would be released in the design studio? Early November would be cool... :D

Perhaps this video will answer some questions.

Brad that is weird you said November. That was the time frame that one of the techs by the design studio display at the Oct 1st event said it would be there. He stated it needed to be done by the time the Seattle store opens.

I'm a good guesser ;)

Looks like christy 2 posts above is linking a virus

I didn't see virus there. That links me to this youtube video:

I appogize if I was mistaken. I googled "" and virus warnings popped up everywhere. Again I appologize, but I'm still suspicious of links with alternate spellings and domains and wouldn't click it...

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