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Upcoming Factory Visit - List of questions for Attendees

Since many of us forum members and lurkers will be living vicariously through the factory attendees, I thought it may be time to collect a list of questions and requests since we all are anxiously awaiting further details on the Betas.

(1) I'll start the list and ask for MORE PICTURES. Basically, as many as they will let you take. I find it frustrating to wait to see what the back seat looks like, the storage, the roof from the inside, etc.

(2) I'd also like to ask someone that is about 6'4" 250lbs to let me know what the headroom, legroom is like in the Beta. A comparison to another auto model would be very happy because this I can relate to. I understand Elon is about this height but from what I've seen he isn't built like a linebacker (or maybe more realistically closer to a lineman).

(3) I'd love to see a list of color combinations (interior/exterior) to be offered

(4) I'd love to see a list of standard and optional features. Like full glass roof, or audio.

Please add to this thread if there are specific things you are dying to see or find out about.

Thanks everyone,

Actually, when you click "Share" in YouTube, the YouTube website itself offers an abbreviated link (presumably to make it fit better into twitter messages), using the domain. is actually shorter name for and it is their own domain name and not some other provider linking in it. That one is safe.

You are right that many other even slightly dubious domain name links should be handled wearing biosuites.

there are affordable computer systems out there on which you would never be afraid of doing anything because of some random virus; life is too short to use garbage tools

Like Macs? Those can have viruses and in many cases have been wide open for hackers for months before getting fixes. Reason why they do not get many malwares is that nobody bothers to do any for such a marginal product.

Could you please leave your preaching out of these forums, please.

You clearly never owned one, you have no idea what you're talking about. In particular one in four laptops sold in US (retail) is a Mac now. You are clueless even in this respect. Your attitude is exactly the same as of those who "hate" EVs, which have almost religious promoters (not all of them, obviously but the term EVangelist is well established, and proudly so for some) and which are very far away from 1% of the market. The same misinformation (as yours about Macs) is thrown around by clueless people.

I can turn that around and say that you are clueless to claim that macs don't have problems. I have industrial level experience of this for about 15 years now, I know what I'm talking about. You apparently don't.

I will ignore you from now on, you are clearly too childish to be bothered to discuss with.

That's what I was going to suggest, just ignore my posts. I'm glad you managed to get there by your own thinking.

Hey kids, let's grow up and move on please. Thanks.
In other news, here are my shots from the event for those who haven't caught the link elsewhere:

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