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Updates and status for Model X

I ordered a sig series Model X a few weeks ago. Anyone knows what OR when they will release the signature colors? And are they still thinking end of 2014 or will it be any earlier?

If it follows equivalently to the Model S, they will have a drive event 9-12 months before they begin deliveries. (S drive event in Fremont was October '11, 10 cars released June '12, real signature deliveries started August '12) I don't recall, but I think they had their 'configurator' going at least several months before the Model S test drive. For Model X, all that points to: SOON! Elon said at Teslive that Model X had about more months of design, so maybe and early 2014 web release and test drive event.

"Model X had about ↓ more months of design"
How many was that??

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