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Use of USB in the car panel

Does any one know to what extend can the USB can be besides charging a cell phone. The instructions say that you can plug in a music devise ? Is this true ? Can you stream a movie to the screen using a laptop ? How about a DVD player ? Of course these last two would be while you are parked.

Currently, you can only charge a device, or play MP3 files via the sound-system using the USB ports.

yes, but you can play tunes (iPhone, iPad, etc) through the Bluetooth.
WiFi should fix that soon.

Music only at this time.

Thanks. Good to know

I thought you could plug in an external keyboard too??

Yes on the keyboard. I have a Logitech integrated keyboard with touchpad and it works great. The mouse pointer is a little blue fuzzy dot that isn't too hard to follow. Anyone used a external hard drive (spinning platter type) yet? I tried one and it didn't seem to work, but I didn't wait a long time for it to read if it wanted to. The drive was spinning, and the light seemed like it might be active...

You can use a keyboard?? Wow, that's kind of cool. Passenger Webmail becomes possible!


External hdd's usually require drivers, I think, so the Model S probably wouldn't recognize it, or search for drivers for it.

It occurred to me that the beautiful bluetooth enabled Apple keyboard might work. Though the MS was able to discover the keyboard, during binding it complained that the keyboard was taking too long to reply - no go. Anybody?

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