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Using CA HOV lane without decal?

So what's the consensus? I just got my car, will have to wait 6 weeks for plates, then I can apply for HOV stickers which will probably also take 6 weeks. Can I chance using the HOV lanes now with a single occupant, or do I wait?

Jjaeger thanks for your offer as I intend to take you up on that. Ill take a chance on your email.

When I got my leaf I heard a rumor the dealer actually gets the license plate number when they submit the application for registration. They denied that at first, but then called back a couple days later and gave me my plate number. Has anyone succeeded at getting Tesla to give them their plate number early?

This is so ridiculous and typical of bureaucratic stupidity. The easy, elegant way to do this is just issue an EV license tag. No separate application -- that a Tesla or Leaf qualifies for the HOV lane is self-evident -- no 8-week waiting, no mutilating the car. Easy for cops to ID.

But nooo, that would be too thoughtful, instead of making us jump through asinine hoops. No, they have their ways of doing things, and the public be damned.

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