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Using the emergency brake function

Has anyone used the "Park" button on the end of the shifter stalk to stop their vehicle while the car is in motion? I know that this is an emergency way of stopping, but I wasn't sure if this would cause a sudden or controlled stop. For instance,iIf my brakes stopped working at highway speeds and I needed to stop the Model S, would pressing on this button be like stomping on the brakes or would it permit a controlled stop? It's something all of us should know how to use, I guess. I have heard that there is a park button on the touch screen that can be accessed as well in the same way.

speculation by me - the parking/emergency brakes can be seen as the "small" calipers on the rear disc rotors - given their size and surface area I would not expect them to be particularly "grabby" or "sudden" - rather I would expect a level of slow down similar to regen (if not slightly less)

it is however an easy test to determine for yourself (or myself) - find a stretch of road and safely test it for your self.

"...a lot of time I drive, like, for 10 miles with the emergency parking brake on. That doesn't say a lot for me, but it says even less for the emergency parking brake. It's more like an 'emergency make-the-car-smell-funny' lever.”

-Mitch Hedberg

If you just press it the car will just beep at you. I believe you have to hold it to use it as an emergency brake.

Test it while you have a warranty.

I tried it going about 15-20 miles or so. It kicks in after about a second and brakes pretty abruptly - which is what you would want in an e-brake. I only held it for a couple seconds.

To answer the OP - it's like stomping on the brakes.

This and the screen brake were stated to be acceptable alternative methods for slowing the vehicle by my delivery specialist. I admit I've never used them but asked a similar question last month.

I've tried using the parking brake while in motion, and it definitely wasn't like "stomping on the brakes". It was a equivalent to a noticeable but gentle application of the foot brake.

Why ask this question? Regen will be available unless the electronics all die, in which case you've got a fairly serious issue.

Mike C Thanks for testing the e-brake. Now I won't have to do it.
I understood that you must hold the Park Button in for 1 or 2 seconds to engage the emergency brake. Now, how do you disengage the e-brake? - Probaly shift to Drive...

@Dean@Fremont | APRIL 15, 2013: Now, how do you disengage the e-brake? - Probably shift to Drive...

Yes, shift into drive (or reverse). I've tested it.

Useful information. My favorite question from a stranger so far is why the rear brakes have two calipers.

Seems like it's mostly set up as a parking brake.

@dean - for me the e-brake is only active while you press the park button. As soon as you release the button it releases the brake.

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