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Utah C-Decal and windshield?

I have seen the posts on the California transponders. I don't know if the Utah C-Decals are different, or prone to the same windshield issue. Anyone know? The Utah C-decals are stickers with some sort of metal strip that runs horizontally in the center of the decal, with a round, metal looking thing in the center of the strip. I don't know if it is some sort of transmitter. I mounted it just to the right of all the black dots to the right of the rear mirror mount. Vin around 12700.

The black dots were supposed to be the exact "open" area.

Thanks Brian. Interesting. Law enforcement won't be able to read the sticker, permit number, etc., if I stick it over the black dots, but you are saying that is where I need to put it for it to work?

I stuck mine next to the black dots and it is not readable, but is visible. What did you end up doing?

Mine is next to the black dots. I rarely drive on 15, so I haven't been able to determine if it is being picked up by the reader. I guess if I get pulled over they will have to look at the sticker and my papers.

Directly on the black dots, or on rear of the rearview mirror mount base (sits on uncoated glass).

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