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Valentine 1 (V1) radar detector works fine

This has not been discussed or posted enough and I have seen conflicting reports. A radar detector with a car like this is an absolute must. I have field tested my V1 for the past few weeks and, despite reports to the contrary, it works just fine. In San Diego all you need to pick up is Ka band and it works like a champ, direction arrows and all. I mount it as I did on my M3 - roughly in the middle of the windshield below the rear view mirror. Hopefully this helps someone, I searched like a madman before the MS arrived and all I could find was conflicting reports and nothing definitive.

Will you post a pic of where you mounted it please?! Do you have it hard wired? Last you also have the concealed unit? Thanks!

Well I've left for an overseas trip. It's 6 inches raised from the dashboard, directly under the rear view mirror using the suction cups. I'll post pics on TMC when I get back if you still need them. It's the standard unit not hard wired.

I really don't understand the origin of the windshield issue where people thought they couldn't use a radar detector?? Is Tesla's windshield that much different than every other car on the road?

The concern was that the Tesla windshield blocked laser, not radar.

My V1 does not work on my windshield. I get the rear warnings great but the windshield kills the forward warnings.

I can't get the suction cups to hold the V1 on the dotted area to the right of the rearview mirror. I'm having PhotoSync window film added to my car tomorrow and after it's been on a few days I'll see if the film will hold the V1 in the dotted area. I'm not even sure they can tint over that area because the tint may not even stick there.

I used my V1 recently. It "worked" forward and back. Even though it does detect radar, it doesn't give the early advance warning that should. I think that the enforcer would have you nailed before the alarm went off. I haven't come across a laser yet so I don't know how well that works.

I placed it as high on the windshield as I could without it being blocked by the rear view mirror.

I had no problem with the suction cups. I got it wet, appled it and waited about half an hour before inserting the detector.

@Captain_Zap - Did you mount it in the dotted area? Those dots let just enough air on my cups that it wouldn't hold in that area.

How did the apple help you apply it? ;)

I have my escort ix remote mounted on the frunk floor. I used cat5 cable to bring in the 6 pin and 2 Wires for the speaker. I purchased the live kit for $40 + $40 to have my detector upgraded to support live.

Reception is much better in the frunk than on the floor where it was lousy. I have not had it running long enough to say how it compaires to when I had the detector in other cars. It's reception on the windshield was poor in the S so I did not bother wirining up their.

I do not think I get GPS lock in the frunk for false block out. Depending on how it performs I will leave it here or mount it in the nose with some sort of water proof box TBD.

I do not care about laser alert not working since I put blinders on the license plate. They have yet to be exercised since my install.


I didn't put the detector on the dotted area because I thought that the mirror would block signals that were coming in the rear window. Also, I had trouble seeing the display when I tried installing it up high by the dots.

KOL2000 - could you like to the photos when you post them? I just tried my V1 for the first time and it doesn't seem to work through the front windshield. I was trying to mounter to the right of the mirror,
Too. And I also could not get it to stick -
For testing purposes I was just holding it with my hand.

Try the inside (rear) of the mirror mount. It sits on uncoated glass.

I had PhotoSync put on my windshield last weekend and they told me to give it a good week before I tried to mount my V1 over the dotted area. The tint will probably allow the suction cups to hold in that area now.

@Brian H - I'm not sure where exactly you're referring. Are you saying right behind the rearview mirror? If so I tried mine there in an area where I couldn't see the display on the V1 but it still wouldn't pick up a signal there.

For those that haven't seen the new V1 Bluetooth module and iPhone app you can use your phone to actually show the display now so even if in a hidden area you could still see the arrows and bogey counter.

The mount, where it attaches to the glass. Cabin side.

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