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Valet Parking (in NYC)

A few months ago a client of mine was 40 minutes late for a meeting because parking garages in Midtown Manhattan (Park Avenue and 50th) refused to park his used Bentley that he bought on line for $80,000. The first three or four places refused him because they did not want to take responsibility for such car.

Anyone has experienced similar issues?

Another question is whether or not valets in such places know how to drive Tesla (start, park, etc).

I've had no issues.

I'd personally give the valet a $20 tip as long as they park the car with me in it and give me the key.

I always handsomely tip the valet when I drop off my car and when I pick it up. It's cheap insurance for ensuring they will take extra care of your car.

Try and Google

"Parking and Electric Vehicle Charging Services in New York City"

Might be good start for research

Two weekends ago I left my S at Mercury Parking on W 50th. No issues. They didn't seem confused by or concerned about the car and it came back to me unscathed.

@amatiych - best to put on this page if leaving the Model S with a valet:

I have valets it for a year in the city. They all accept it. As with all other cars, they evenually ding it and scratch it.

no issues in various garages in nyc.

The garage at Time Warner Center has plenty of exotics parked there.

NYC has a pretty good build out of EV friendly garages at this point. Parking your mS in NYC is not an issue for you or the valets.

I have successfully valet parked in NYC several times but one evening one garage waived me off with the guy saying "we do not take that kind of car here". I was too confused and angry and late to stop and find out what they meant by that. BEV, expensive. Never found out and never went back to that one again.

@njelectric They also won't serve 'Droids.

Mercury Parking on 50th St and 9th Ave is basically the most EV friendly garage in NYC and should not be taken as the "typical" NYC EV experience. They also offer extremely cheap (for NYC) monthly spaces (although their daily/hourly rates are pretty steep.)

I parked my Chevy Volt there for over a year and had nothing but good experiences with the attendants at this garage. They were all very enthusiastic about charging up my car when needed, and would unplug it when I asked them to do so.

The only minor EV "issue at Mercury Parking was that the charging station spots were used to temporarily store cars for the "morning rush" so if you were still charging, they might move your BEV to have other cars ready for pick up.

It was never a problem for my Volt b/c even if I dropped it off at 11:30 PM it was always fully charged by 4 AM if the attendants needed the spots for the morning rush.

Mercury Parking is also designated as station 0001 in the Columb/CarChargingInc system which doesn't necessarily mean very much, but it tells me that it was the 1st station installed in the system, and therefore has been around the longest, ironing out any of the kinks that we often find in garages that have EVSEs.

I should say that after a few months of parking there I found that on street parking by my apartment was plentiful and easy so I did not park at Mercury each night, and this might account for the exceptional experience I had with this garage in terms of EV friendliness.

waved =/= waived.

@2050 - the law still exists, but basically kicks in when there is an electrical update to the garage.

Bummer, it's hard enough finding a parking spot in the city and super-expensive to park in a parking garage (especially downtown) - I thought when Bloomberg introduced this policy it was going to (at least) make it easier for EVs...

I always found downtown parking cheaper than midtown. Anyway the Best Parming app lets you park much cheaper. Not sure if it has an EV filter. Need to check

Parked at Circle Parking at 51st and 7th with a $25 coupon this afternoon. I asked if he knew the car and he said yes. I gave him $10 and he said he'd leave it up front. No problem on pick-up.

I park in NYC about 3 times a week in various locations and have only had one garage not allow me to park there. The attendant said his manager would fire him if he were to let me park, insurance issue.
Garage was near Park and about 90th. Only time it has happened in the 12 months I've had the car.

I would strongly encourage you to get bumper guards for the car if you do plan on making it a habit. I have one for each bumper, over time the garages will do some damage to the bumpers over time.

i haven't had problems in NYC but I've heard Chicago can be iffy...

Not only would I not take my S into Manhattan, I will NEVER use valet.

I would rather "drive home backwards"

Bueller? Bueller?

Still Grinning ;-)

Did you all miss the 20/20 special on valets using a white MS a few weeks ago?

Different valets took it for a joy ride with others doing donuts, drifting, and taking belongings from the car. All captured on hidden cameras. Ever wonder where that spike in energy usage came from after parking the car with a valet?

Thanks Matt, but it was this past Saturday and if they did, they did an excellent job of rolling back the odometer. Neat trick, I'd say. :-)

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