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Vampire thirst for electricity at night

I'm expecting delivery this month of Tesla S 85kWh.
I'm concerned about the reported "Vampire thirst for electricity at night"

Allegedly Tesla S consumes 4.5 kWh energy per day when sitting in the garage in off position. This wasted energy is enough to drive Tesla S 5,000 miles on annual basis (which is about 30% of typical annual use of a car). In California this wasted energy will cost about $300 per year (at my rate of $0.20 average per kWh in San Diego).

Allegedly, Tesla reps confirm this fact although do not necessarily agree with the numbers. The reason for it is the fact that putting all computers to "sleep" caused problems for the Tesla engineers and they decided to keep all computers awake all the time thus causing drain of energy when the car is not used.

Anyone willing to share a real life experience in this regard?

Any word from Tesla when this issue will be resolved.

bhs1; how would you recover from "deep sleep" tough?
Do you just plug-in the car or do you need to bring an external 12V charger to re-charge the 12V battery?
Have you been in "deep sleep" situation and how did you manage to get out?
Not to lose focus in this topic, I've started another topic dedicated to this particular issue (recovery from "deep sleep"), but I haven't got a significant definitive opinion yet.

My car was left in my unheated attached garage so the temperature probably never fell below 45 degrees.

Even if it goes into "deep sleep", won't it still need to keep itself up to temperature? That burns up kW outside of the car's control. Do I need to wrap it in a nice warm blankie if I leave it in my garage in Philadelphia during the winter?

I see zombies...and YES there is current*ly a vampire in the machine. P5043. 60k. Black. 19". The missing 60 badge makes it unique. Is it 100% perfect? No. But it's darn close @99.92%. Job very, very, very well done. More SuperChargers please.


No, my understanding of "deep sleep" means it does not draw power to maintain temp.

the minimum survival temp for the battery is very low. Operating temperature is quite warm.

@bhs - The car may not draw power regularly to warm the battery, but the battery will certainly protect itself if necessary. Otherwise, TM could not offer the no-fault battery warranty.

How do we get 5.0?

I don't think Tesla would want to show not-in-motion usage, because then the ICE cars would look better / good.

I did the math wrong, my range would take near $8.80 to go 30 miles, so its still a savings. The Tesla now takes about $3.80 to go 30 miles (with vampire loss)

Also, not many places are giving away free gas, but lots give free power lol.

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