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Vancouver (GVRD) FREE professional electrical install of home charging station

I am an electrical contractor located in White Rock. I have a passion for the Tesla Model S and as such I am willing to do the electrical labour install of a Tesla home charging station for FREE!

Here's the catch, I get to go for a ride in the Tesla. Time and distance decided by owner.

- Charging station paid for by owner
- Material paid for by owner (breaker, wire and receptacle)
- Electrical panel must have availability for new breaker
- Electrical panel must be within 50ft of requested location of receptacle
- Permit and Inspections extra if requested
- Drywall, painting or other repairs done by others
- Labour FREE

Please call or email to discuss further details. I am putting this out as a one time deal. If multiple people contract me then I will most likely go with the one closest to White Rock.

Company details:
BW Electric (Brian Wuttke)
13841 Malabar Ave
White Rock, BC

Licenced, Bonded, and Insured.
Registration #95414

You should have put "one time deal" in the subject, too. ;)

Cool offer. Too bad you don't live in Houston and put this on the table 9 months ago.

I'm sure you will strike a good barter.


If I have multiple replies then I might do it multiple times. No harm in becoming friends with someone that owns a Model S. LOL

To anyone interested in my proposal.

Just so you are aware. LiveSmartBC will also provide a $500 rebate towards the purchase of the charging station.

As seen here:

You got my attention until I saw the BC. My home is in Vancouver, WA and I plan to order a Model S on Jan 1, 2014. Also in my plans is to have a Tesla charging unit in my garage. Thoughts included, somehow get you to Vancouver WA, you provide the labor to install the charging unit and we could share the driving to get you back home to Vancouver BC.

One design thought was, build a 100 amp circuit with a dryer outlet and then later replace the outlet with the Tesler charging unit. Ciao.

Too bad you didn't live in San Diego. :(


Too bad you live in the other Vancouver.

I regards to the design. First off make sure the car you purchase has the "High Power Home Charging" Option. With the twin chargers you are able to do up to 100A charging. This would require 100A cable, 100A breaker and some type of attachment (not detailed). As per:

As you probably know, as a contractor in Canada I am not allowed to provide services in the US without a working visa, I am not allowed to drive my service van across the border or take my tools across.

That said, if you would like to arrange further then we can always look into it.

Have a good day!

Brian Wuttke
BW Electric



Coming to Hawaii anytime soon? ;)


I actually am going to Maui for the the first time ever for my honeymoon. Nov 24th - Dec 12th.

Don't think I'll be doing much electrical work while I am there or my wife will kill me.


Austrian research demonstrates that lazing around in the sun, on vacation, causes IQ loss, some of it permanent. So by Christmas, you'll be stupider.

@Brian H

Don't think it is the sun that causes the IQ loss, I think that is the drinks. But should only be temporary.

More likely the inactivity and lack of mental activity, combined with regression to the prehistoric slothful tropical genetic template. And the dumber you get, the less likely you are to notice. A vicious spiral.


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