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Vent redesign in next year's Model S, what else?

Elon replied tonight to a tweet complaining about temperature in the 3rd row, saying that it will be addressed in the Model X and next year's Model S. Wondering what else they might be planning to improve in 2014, that can't be upgraded later, and if it's worth delaying my reservation for.

You might as well not purchase if you are going to wait out the upgrades. I am sure in 2015 there will be another item that can't simply be retrofitted. I am glad I bought my S when I did. Prices can only go up.

Consumer car ever... 99/100...what are you waiting for? :)

More ventilation for the pair of rear child seats is a big deal. If you need those seats, I'd wait to buy. Otherwise, why wait and miss out now just in case there is a new "nice-to-have" feature.

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