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Version 5.6

Trying to figure out the Tesla method for rolling out updates. If it is not VIN specific, is it regional? Are other local owners updated, yet?

6273 still waiting and stuck @ v4.5.

VIN 02313 still waiting

vIn 16080 got my update on Friday.

vin 13446 and waiting.

I got updated at my annual service. They have said they will be prioritizing those on wifi, but other than that I have no idea how they decide to update. VIN 693.

I got updated on annual service. The map improvements are cool but I dont see as much vampire drain improvement as some folks quote.

I'm 7366 and still waiting here as well. Not in any hurry at this point though to upgrade...

VIN9300updated last night

Epley- Did you notice a difference in creep or regen? I've felt like the car is travelling farther as I ease off the accelerator and it seems to not respond as much when I let off to go down a hill or slow down at freeway speed. It seems like the stop signs are coming up faster and I have to respond earlier. I checked to make sure that the regen was still in the proper mode and I turned creep off to see if it helped. Is it my imagination? Do I need new glasses?

I know you checked, Captain, but when I got my car back from the 5.6 upgrade today, the regen had been changed from Standard to Low.

Zap, if you look at the release notes, they do mention that they improved the way Creep works. I don't use Creep, so I don't know how different it feels.

VIN10990, 40kwh in Olympia. WA just updated to FW 5.8 today. Rate range down to 127 miles from 132 miles

Hi Vin is 11599. I called my local Seattle Service center (206) 467-1450 and they prompted a ver 5.6 Friday night(11/15. Saturday morning as I started to move, the car asked if I wanted to start the update or wait til later, I chose later as the car was going into shop that day...I let them do the v 5.6 while in the shop.
I drove a Volt for 18 months (30k miles with 31 gals gas) and have been kicking myself in the a88 for not getting the Tesla automobile I've owned since the younger days of my LT-1 Vette.

P06899: downloaded Sunday (17 Nov) installed Sunday afternoon. The best feature is the "Screen Cleaning" mode! I have struggled with keeping the screen the way I want it for a long time. I do not intend to use the "Sleep" mode unless the car is parked without power for more than a week. The WI-Fi connected without problem. I am pretty sure I will have the map oriented to path of travel; however, when the NAV System is in use (which is oriented to path of travel) I have liked the "North Up" mode for Google Map display so I know basic direction of travel. The new map has a compass indicator which may work for me. Will have to use it for a while to decide. I have not had an opportunity to see what impact this update has had on my Rated Range.

I don't use the creep much, either, but I did turn it on to see if I could tell a difference and I could not. I agree with you that the regen feels lighter, and I'd like it back the way it was before! I now have 5.8 and I'm also bummed that I can't lower the car into "low" mode on the freeway--definitely using about 30 wh/mi more energy than before. Although I did run over a corrugated plastic tube the other day and was glad I wasn't on the low setting for that--scary!

Also, my standard 80% charge is down to 219-220 (used to be 225).

I thought I read that the low setting will trigger at 98mph and not raise until the mid to low 60's. Not that you want to push that speed on the local freeways very often!

@Epley - In his "Mission" blog, Elon said they would make low mode a configurable setting in a future software version. I think they wanted to disable it quickly until the NHTSA investigation is done, and until they could write the software to make it optional at the driver's choice.

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