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Version 6.0 screenshots

Old news. Two days old, in fact ;-)

Thanks for the post!

If that's all there is, 6.0 is going to be a big disappointment.

I wouldn't hold my breath. It seems there is not too much more.

@socalsam: 'Not too much more': Fact or speculation on your part?

Looks like no valet mode yet.

In two more years of updates the car will have everything my wife's A6 had 4 years ago.

BUT . . . I hate driving that Audi!!

Like AR said, whatever comes whenever it comes is a gift.

Yup! A gift.

If it lacks Valet Mode that's going to be really disappointing.

I really do not see the need of a valet mode ...

I could have used a valet mode a few months ago when I parked at a fancy resort in Paradise Valley for a luxury real estate conference. This was the first time I had to valet the car, and I was very uncomfortable about the whole thing. I don't want anyone else to drive my car. Well, the valet was very nice and said he would park the car where I could easily keep an eye on it. And you can bet I had one eye on my car the entire evening.

I want teenager mode. I let my daughter drive the other day with me IN the car. Scared the heck out of me. P85 + teenager = NOT GOOD.

Those of us with teenagers/young adults could/would feel good about letting them take the car if we had appropriate restrictions on acceleration and maybe top speed.

I agree that whatever we get is a gift......but honestly I will be disappointed in 6.0 if the screen shots above are all there is. The disappointment would last about 2-3 seconds. :)

Hey there will be no more fun if you get your candies all at once.

A recent shot of the service screen showed a new "grasshopper mode" that has not yet been implemented... that might contain some of what you desire! :)

@AmpedRealtor, haha, funny!

"Grasshopper mode" would too funny and yet a perfect title for a young driver mode. After all, we are talking about a company that makes the radio and fan speed go to "11".

I wasn't kidding, here it is. Look halfway down the right column.


AlMc | AUGUST 21, 2014 NEW
@socalsam: 'Not too much more': Fact or speculation on your part?

Well considering the fact Im some no name person on the internet telling you whats in version 6.0 and other than my actually owning a Tesla, I have no other connection to the company, what do you think? Fact or speculation?

I want more comfortable seats, are those downloadable.

If you download enough donuts, your internal seat will grow and be more comfortable no matter where you place it!

I thought we were downloading bagels and kittens for the seats...I can't keep up!


I too like GRASSHOPPER mode, although my grasshoppers are 34 and 31. What I worry about is when I let Porsche drivers drive my P85. They are my grasshoppers...

Well, the latest iteration of the Grasshopper blew up over Texas today, so I think I'll wait on Grasshopper mode.

Ouch. Rockets are tricky indeed.

Blind spot detection and adaptive cruise are there also. I wonder what Hardware will be required for those, and what the cost will be. My grasshopper is 14 and can't wait to get her learners permit. Oh Boy!

The Grasshopper was the earliest reusable test model. This is the F9R.

Um, I'll take the non-exploding version of the Model S grasshopper mode.

"Luxury real estate conference" in PV? Wonder why they didn't hold it in Surprise or a similar west side venue?

Hey Aamped- how"s that Surprise giga site working out?

I have a feeling that Grasshopper Mode will allow us to limit the car's performance and access to certain features. This would allow us to set up our own "Valet" mode, but we could just as easily set up a "Kids" mode as well. I'm just speculating, of course, but this would be a great addition.

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