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Video of the June 22nd Lauch Event

Is the video of yesterday's event available on-line?

I see that the topic is being covered in the thread "Why do these live feeds never work?" Incidentally, the video worked fine for me, I just was not able to watch all of it. I'm sure TM will post it to the Event Gallary eventually, but I was hoping it might be available elsewhere now.

The straight vimeo link goes blank green after 1:20. Don't bother with it.

The onsite version lasts until 10:03 (out of 25:58). The jenyusses strike again!

[Windows XP Pro, Firefox 13.0.2, Pentium 4 2.8GHz, ADSL 15.0 mbps]

Chrome appears to handle both OK.
Aren't CSS standards wonderful? >:(

Very interesting. Having Chrome running in b/g seems to free up almost all my virtual memory (~4 GB). FF, I love your add-ons, but ...

Neither of the video links you posted had any videos. At least my FF refuses to show any. Soflauthor link for Robert Llewellyn page works, so either those Vimeo and Teslamotors use format my FF doesn't recognize, or more likely sites are both broken (again).

Both videos are fine for me (Firefox 13.0.1).

Brian H & Timo:
All of the videos have played perfectly for me using an iPad - wirelessly over wifi. I haven't tried to use Firefox but I suspect your issues are at your end.

I can now get FF to play the onsite version, but the Vimeo goes weird greenwashy at 3:45 -- possibly because it's showing Moonbeam in full flight. ]:-/

Looks like you need to have flash 11 in your machine for it to work. Flash 10 (even up to date version) does not play those videos.

Timo: not likely to be flash - I played it on an iPad. Unless you are being routed to a flash version of the video when you are on a PC. That's seem unlikely - why encode in two different codecs?

Why indeed, but flash is what plays it in my machine. What format it uses in your machine?

Looks like they have two versions:

However both play with flash so I suspect that the actual video format is shockwave flash.

Hi Timo: the iPad doesn't support flash at all - hence my comment. Web standards these days are HTML 5 and h.264 encoding.

GB should cut out the arm waving histrionics.

Its a classy car, needs classy behaviour.


I agree it did look a little over the top on the video. Probably played much differently for the live crowd though. Inspiring a large crowd requires more energy. Making a video presentation requires more subtlety.

I think he was playing to the crowd.

Yeah, a bit circus-barker-ish for my taste. And shouting into the mic made me damp the volume, and raise it again to hear anyone else.

Marketers do tend to buy into their own stereotypes, don't they?

Mark E. then I'm guessing that the "universal" one is h.264 but it just plays it in flash-player inside FF (you need some sort of player to decode it, even in iPad). Flash-version plays better, but both are jerky compared to for example HD youtube-videos (jerky even after caching, I have over 100Mbit connection).

Tesla videos in Vimeo pretty much suck in quality (resolution is OK, but all videos are jerky, even without HD).


a 'little' ?


Could you imagine Jaguar, Maseratti,BMW, etc hiring him for a launch?

I am sure he does a GREAT job, but lets do the presenting, etc over to Elon, Franz, etc

Fair enough. At least it wasn't boring.

I agree, Franz did a nice job with his portion of the presentation.

Actually, few things are as boring as an OTT presentation, stuffed with loud clichés and clunking "applause pause" lines, etc. It can escalate to painful in a hurry.

The essence of un-boring is un-predictable, un-repetitious, creative. (Which is why classical music is so much more interesting than pop and rock!)


Depends of the pop and rock (and all the variations). Best of those are un-predictable, un-repetitious and creative, but there just are way too many "forcefully-produced" clinical songs just to make some money out there. Classical music can also be boring. Really, really boring in worst cases.

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