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Video showing European options/mods

Are the Europeans paying more than the US/North America for all of that extra stuff?

Yes these are additional packages and options to the ones you are familiar with.

Yes, winter package (EUR 1500) and parking sensors (EUR 500) are extra options. Prices are from German site.

@Brian: thanks for posting the link.

I've had a deposit down since May waiting for these options to be available in the U.S. and was told then it would be coming shortly. I'm calling Tesla on Monday!

Ofcourse we pay more: they just translated the currency signs $->€.
So about 30% more to cover for transport, re-assembly en import duties...

Europe charging socket/plug is huge. I assume Europe Supercharger won't come with nice slender Tesla plug?

What were the three lights to right of charge port?

They replace the ring around the US plug, ie. charging status lights.

So, are the rear seat heaters not controllable by the seats' occupants? That would be weak.

Wishlist: backseat remote control ( Bluetooth or Wifi) :
-Seat heat
-local lights

The remote control could also be an mobile app with "user log in" , where I'm the admin...

Tesla Model S 2.0


Dang, I wish we could get rear heated seats. I would like cooled seats too.

If they won't do it, it would be cool if Tesla left a place open for us in the software interface to allow us to get it done at an aftermarket shop yet still let us control it via the touchscreen.

I'm dying to see whatvthe video screen interface shows when the parking sensors are activated.

I don't have the link at hand, but there are recent screen shots on the TMC forums, iirc the Norwegian thread.

@Notre Thanks!

A fully loaded P85+ will set you back $160.000 in the Netherlands...

Wow, alright then :)

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