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VIN Number: an important item to have, but how to get it?

Hello -

My experience so far with the "Your paperwork is ready" stage of pre-ownership boils down to one thing - I need to know the VIN number of my vehicle in order to finalize financing at my credit union and get a firm quote on my insurance.

One problem: the purchasing agreement does not state the VIN number (probably because it does not exist yet).

So here I am, #2641 Performance, ready to seal the deal, but since my delivery date is more than 90 days away (December or January), I cannot secure my loan yet. I also cannot apply for an initial loan, which I will re-apply for when the delivery date is in sight, due to lack of a VIN. And while my insurance company can give me a generic quote for the car, they cannot give me a firm quote without the VIN.

For us, loan approval is not a problem, nor is insurability. But without the ability to lock down both loan and insurance, I feel I am put at some level of risk.

I would like to know if any of you out there have experienced this quandary, and how you handled this awkward situation. . Forgive me if there are already posts on the subject - if so, please point me to them.


Nav66. I answered your question in the 4th response in this thread. You don't need a VIN number at this point. How do I know? Way back, I used to sell new cars for Lincoln Mercury, and used cars for Toyota. After taking up programming, I wrote an inventory, Finance and Insurance, and Maintenance tracking application for a Mazda franchise.

You don't need the VIN more than 90 days out. Most people don't have one at this point, so the bank is used to it. And there are no lookup books for your insurance agent because the car is too new. Both the bank and your agent need the sale price.

There is a difference between not getting an answer, and not getting the one you want. Your VIN hasn't been assigned yet.

Good Night!

My banks preauthorize and lock in rates for a period of time before I have even selected a make/model - find a bank that will do that so you can remove any anxiety re: your payment.

As for insurance, State Farm automatically covers your new car (assuming you have an existing auto policy with them) - you have 30 days to call them after receiving it to give them the VIN and confirm rate/coverage. I believe any credible insurer should be able to give you a reasonably accurate estimate.

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