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Can anybody give any reason why Tesla has the cheapest looking visors you can imagine? My first used car ($3,500) in the early 80's had better visors. How expensive can it be to put in a decent visor.

+1 suprkar

The sun visors are still on my due bill from Feb 3. The question about the pano sunshade was answered. I can't remember if it was Jerome or George B, but TM did announce that the sunshade was abandoned and will not be developed or delivered - TM engineers found it created too many problems and added nothing to the car.

I too have had the same problem. I've been using a product called The SunPatch great...Easy to use and you can move it with the sun. Check them out.

Looks great. Is it usable for direct reflection from the frunk hood?

You can use them anywhere on the window....I use it on the windshield most of the time cause I'm always driving into the sun. I don't think you are supposed to use it on the windshield directly but it's better than not being able to see at all.

The visors work perfectly for me. If they were any bigger, they would block too much of the road.

If you're concerned about the appearance of the visors, I'd have to agree that the government required saftey notices don't add to their appearance. In other threads in this forum there are instructions on how to remove them without damaging the visors.

Yeah, sue the bastards...

So we're quibbling about visors?
With everything that Tesla has to deal with in a new automobile, and all that they have 100% correct, the visors are the issue.

I had a problem with the visors when I test drove an "S" years ago. The damn visor hit me in the forehead. I notice that that problem is fixed in my ride.

Yeah, I'd expect lighted visor mirrors in the car, but I am an early adopter of a new car that has lots more going on than a lighted visor.

exPGAhacker and ausdma, your wives are the luckiest women in the world!

My wife leaves her lighted mirror in her Lexus RX350 on all night all the time. She basically drives with the mirror open 90% of the time because she loves looking at herself. In fact, she looks at the mirror more than she looks at the road. I'm glad the mirror and the visor is so small in the Model S, my wife won't be tall enough to look at herself all the time and that makes her a safe er driver in my Model S.

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