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Vote with your wallet

I took delivery of my P85 on Feb 27 from the Toronto location and I am absolutely thrilled with the car. I have logged 1600 km with no issues. I am not a car guy, yet I find myself looking for excuses to drive it. My experience with all the staff here in Toronto has been very positive, and I would like to thank my delivery specialists Jon, and Hans and the service manager Eli for their outstanding customer service, and for making my delivery experience very positive. I received play by play e-mails from Jon late into the night, updating me as to the location of my car, as it was being transported from California.

For anybody considering purchasing a Model S, I would encourage you to pull the trigger. It will exceed your expectations, and you will not look back. My wife's hybrid now seems very primitive when I drive it. Without exception, every passenger is astounded by the car, and any myths they have about electric vehicles are quickly dispelled. With the exception of long trips (until Canadian Superchargers are installed), there are no compromises with this car. Having driven it now for two weeks, I am even more amazed at how well engineered it is, and how much sense it makes in so many ways. I never feel any range anxiety, and every morning I wake up to a full charge, and a range of 380 km. Yet as much as I am happy to show off my shiny new toy, I feel I am part of something greater. This will forever change the way we look as the automobile. As an early adopter, I am willing to accept that I am taking a risk, but thus far the risk has been well worth it.

As consumers, our real power lies not with our ability to cast a ballot, but with where we chose to spend our hard earned dollars. For those who have driven this car, it is very clear that this is the future. I am not a tree hugger. I eat red meat, I wear leather, I do not do the best job at separating my garbage, but I do believe in climate change, and I do believe that we are the cause. As a parent I worry about my children's future. Although I am fortunate that I am able to afford a "luxury" vehicle, I would never have dreamt of spending this much money on a car, were it not for the fact that it is so innovative. If enough people like me are willing to step up to the plate, and vote with their wallet, there will be a trickle down effect. The technology will improve, batteries will become lighter, cheaper and charge faster, range and charging infrastructure will improve, and EV's will gain greater acceptance. As an owner, I feel like an ambassador for Tesla. It is to my advantage that the company succeed. Other car makers will quickly follow suit, and we will all benefit.

John P.


It's good to hear that you enjoy the car so much. You sounded like a skeptic before you received your car. I got the impression that you had a hard time believing that the Model S could be THAT much fun compared against the rest of your stable.

Brat at Christmas time that wanted his toy.... I've never been good on the patience side of things. I got my hopes up when the whole Decemeber email thing happened but am really glad I got a MY13. The Pilots were a bonus.

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