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WA Model S Owners - Found Great Insurance Rate

Greetings fellow WA owners. My Model S is scheduled for delivery in June and I've been shopping for insurance. It's been about as much fun as a root canal.
The Model S is not a cheap car to insure, but here's some information I hope others in WA can use.

Current insurance: National Merrit. I've been with them 20 years. For my situation (married, two cars, great credit, safe neighborhood) they have always had the best rate I could find. I normally check/shop about every five years. They quoted my Model S as an additional $600 per year. Very competitive.

Shopping Process: I subscribe to and find it very useful when shopping for a variety of local services. Using price and satisfaction ratings as primary considerations, I used their online tool to get a list of companies sorted by price. Satisfaction numbers/ratings are also listed.

At the top (inexpensive) of the list is National Merrit, my current insurer. Listed second was Safeco. I first tried to use the quote tool at No luck. It can't calculate rates for a Tesla. Instead it provided me with a phone number to call and I did.

Here's the good part: I called and spoke with an agent named Adam Levine (888-733-3311 x4672). First of all, he was very helpful and accomodating. I hope you will ask for him when you call. They work on commission and I like to see good service rewarded. The quote? $360 per year. That's not a typo, and I don't mean every six months. That's almost half price compared to National Merrit.

While price is important and I've switched to Safeco, I highly suggest getting a quote from National Merrit too. They've been an outstanding insurer for me and always provided A+ customer service.

Best Regards to all of my Fellow WA Model S owners. My car will be delivered in June and I hope to see you around Bellevue.

What are the coverage limits and deductibles?

It's probably best to call Adam and compare your current policy for an apples-to-apples rate. Then you can adjust as needed. I found that even significant adjustments had small affects on the rate. A lot of the rate is based on your personal situation (age, city, claim history, etc.) so everyone will get a different quote.

Very interesting. Thanks for the tip eAdopter.

Very interesting. Thanks for the tip eAdopter.

For those who call Safeco and get a quote, let us know if you obtained a better/worse rate.

Insurance rates can vary widely based on many factors. I was hesitant to post the information, but will share future findings if people get a quote and were glad to receive the information.

Hello eAdopter

Its very confusing are you saying its 360 EXTRA per year -- is that correct that essentially implies you are getting 3 cars insurued (not sure what you current total is ) + 360 ?

A better comparison would be what is the pricing for just the model s for an entire year.

I am hoping to get my car on the 9th , got a quote from PEMCO (current insurance provider) total is going to be 1900 for 2 cars per year ( after i remove my 2nd car which i plan to sell).

For me, it's under $1100/year for three cars including the Models S. Rather than go into a lot of details, just call Adam at Safeco and get a quote. Let us know how it goes.

It may be too late for some, but I'm currently working with an electrician to install a NEMA 14-50. I'll share more on that when the work is complete. Again, very significant value/savings. (Youl'll notice that's a theme with me).

I just received a quote from Adam. He really wanted to thank the folks that have been posting his information on these blogs, he has been receiving a lot of calls.

My quote was about $400/6 months less than my current policy, with the same coverage. I also received separate quotes on 2 older vehicles and they were about the same as my current policy.

A savings of $800 per year? Awesome! I'm glad Adam was able to help.
$800 is enough to buy your buddy eAdopter a good beer. I'm just sayin' ;)

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