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Waking up with a full "tank" every morning: Why have we settled for less?

I was imagining a world in the future where gas was no more. Then I thought, what would that world be like if they never used gas to begin with? I then realized how ridiculous it is that we have to go to gas stations to fuel our cars when instead, we can wake up to a full "tank of gas (really a full charge)", ever morning that we charge in the comfort of our own homes.

So I wrote a very thought-provoking article titled "Cell Phones and Cars in an Alternate Universe."

Here's an excerpt of the article:

After paying some bills and replying to all my emails, I headed to my garage, unplugged the charging cable from my car, and began my morning commute to my office in Century City, as I do every morning, with a fully charged vehicle. I never take for granted knowing that every morning, I wake up to a full range of 160 miles, even though my office is only 30 miles away.

You can read it completely at the website at:

Max Mindel

brianman, I think a solution like that is unlikely or temporary at best. If you can hook up 8 cars, you should provide enough oomph to charge those cars in parallel.

If amperage is limited, it should be limited to the same rate for each car attached, i.e., if only one or two cars are attached they could charge at their max rate, but if more cars attach, charger output is throttled. Thus all cars could still charge in parallel, though not at full speed. Seems to make more sense to me than rotating time slices.

With time slices, you can light up the slots to indicate which is charging. This rewards human involvement of connecting to the active charger rather than the passive approach of just parking in a slot 24x7.

Nonetheless, I get your point.

Has anyone checked with ChargePoint to see how their equipment works? A card swipe starts and stops the charging. The cable is locked in its holder until someone starts a charge by swiping a credit card or one of their own cards. A message can be received on your mobile device when charging is complete. I think you can also terminate a charge via mobile device. I suspect if you should come across a car that has already terminated a charge, you could disconnect the cord and use it yourself. But the charging stations I have seen up to now serve two spots with a cord for each. Short of pushing someone else's car out of the way, you're stuck waiting for the owner to return. BTW all of the ones I have seen are J1772 plugs 208/240v/30amps.

I am curious, since we are on the charging subject, what prevents a kid or ICE rebel from just unplugging cars on their way into the store just to annoying?

As far as I can tell, nothing.

I have a "Tesla Tattler" for my Roadster that would SMS text my cell phone if someone unplugged it.

I'm sure the iPhone application for the Model S would alert you (presumably they'll produce an Android version too).

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