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Walk-around videos of most colors


I had the pleasure of attending the Get Amped event in Palo Alto this past weekend. Some folks over on the TMC forum asked if I could take some walk-around video of the Blue car, since it's hard to get a real sense of it from static photos. As it happened, I managed to get walk-around video and "action" videos of almost all of the Model S colors. The Pearl White and 2013 Red were parked indoors all day, but I got the rest. These have been posted over on TMC, but I know not everybody reads both forums.

Hope these are helpful to folks like me who are still trying to choose a color!

These were all shot at 1080p/60 with a Panasonic TM900. Many were shot with a Steadicam Merlin to make the video smooth (if a bit wobbly -- it's been awhile and the Merlin was a bit out of adjustment...).

Multi-color walk-around (Blue, Black, Green, Signature Red, Brown, Silver

Walk-around of Grey and White

Blue walk-around in bright sun

Blue walk-around in mixed shade/sun

Green pulling out from shade to sun as Grey arrives

Brown and Grey in the shade

Blue pulling away, from shade to sun

@Michael37: Thanks so much for taking and posting these videos. They are very helpful in seeing what the real-world colors look like. I'm sure they will be appreciated by many.

thank You very much! Great post! Real life footage is, what I want to see. I always thought "black"... but I'm not sure, after the videos my first favorite was "blue"... but merry-proves brown could be a choice, too. The think about the Tesla paint job is: nearly every color has it's own...
so, blue was it, but then, in the bright sun I thought "too bright"... hard decision to take-

main thing: please, be a "P85"

+1 Michael37. Darn useful videos for those of us who have not been to a Get Amped yet. I may have to order my Model S without actually seeing one in the color I like so this really helps.

Michael37, I will get hours of pleasure (and agony) from your generosity! Thank you so very much. Ditto, Brian10.

Thanks Michael37.

But I'm still just as undecided. It' going to be blue, green or brown, but they all look so good. I guess I'll have to let my wife decide on color, at least if she lets me decide to purchase.

Thanks Michael37, very helpful.

@Michael37, thanks for the videos. The silver is awesome.

By the way, how did you manage to shoot this video without any jerks (no, not those jerks but movement jerks)? Did you use any handheld camera stand or something similar? Nicely done!

~ Prash.


Glad everybody found this helpful!

@prash.saka -- I used a Steadicam Merlin handheld camera stabilizer. It's a greatly scaled down version of the big Steadicam that's used on essentially every film and television production.

They require practice and careful setup to use well (and you can see both my lack of recent practice and my rushed setup for my new camera evident in the way the footage rocks from side to side), but it really is a superb tool to make smooth videos.

@EK -- thanks for sharing the Sunset (2013) Red videos! I wish that car had been out driving in Palo Alto on Saturday. Although, I expect my delivery in November, so it would be awfully painful to delay it into next year to get that color! :-)

Got my time to finalize today and these videos have help immensely in picking a color. Sure we've seen the color splotches in person 2 months ago but the videos were actually much better even if they are not perfectly color corrected.

Micheal37 thank u so much! I cxled my Sig reservation because I wanted the green, though never seeing it in person! Now I am convinced I made the right decision!

Michael37 | August 13, 2012
@EK -- thanks for sharing the Sunset (2013) Red videos! I wish that car had been out driving in Palo Alto on Saturday.

Maybe they were afraid of blinding the locals?


Gah! Again this is happening.

First, I was sure it would be Dolphin Gray, and then maybe it would be brown, and then green started looking pretty good... Now I'm starting to think, my first car was navy blue, and I liked it. The blue Model S is starting to look pretty good.

What I need is this:

@olanmills, you too?

By that, I'm guessing you mean to say that you're going through similar swings over color preference? I suppose we should be thankful that this is all I'm worried about when it comes to the car.

And I forgot to thank Michael37 for his efforts. They're great videos.

Good grief! My daughter and I were just laughing about the crazy possibility of being able to change the car color when you wanted. Apparently, no idea is too crazy to bring to market. I bet the police are going to hate this idea.

Thanks Michael -

The white and grey video made me change my reservation to grey. Glad I haven't signed the contract yet!

I think in reality you can change color & more up to 1 month before delivery, or even later.

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