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WARNING: Car will drive without key at all if it is already on......

Had the interesting experience today of seeing how my new model s drove 45 minutes away with my girlfriend without a key! She was dropping me back off at home and i got out of the car with the key in my pocket. I can only guess that because she was in the drivers seat and the car was still never shut off and continued driving. Didn't realize until she got to her destination and I had to drive up to Topanga to bail her out! Not sure if this is a good feature or bad. Will definitely remember to always have the key from now on, but definitely an easy mistake to make.

Don't get stranded! anyone else have this problem?

Many have suggested a pin code on the main display to enable the car without the key.

Since I have two Tesla's, I have 2 keys on my keychain. While driving I get a message about once a day that the key is not in the car. I'm glad it's only a warning!

Easy solution. Give the valet a generous tip and ask to park the car yourself.

Happened to me two summers ago in my sister's 6-speed Altima! She drove it home from work, and I met her at the house. She got out (with the fob in her purse) and I took the car with the nephews in it still, for a hair cut. Got into the middle of a major intersection waiting for traffic, and stalled the thing! Dope! Needless to say, no fob, no push-button start re-activation! There I was, pushing it out of the intersection, with a 5 year old and 3 year old in the car! Sis had to come over with the fob to re-start!

I would worry that if the app could be used as a key, that could facilitate vehicle theft.

Just experienced my wife dropping me off at the train station and driving to work not realizing she did not have her key fob. She did not notice it until she went to look for her keys going into her office and realized she had left them at home. She was stranded and so had a coworker take her home to get her keys.

We later tested the scenario again and there was definitely no warning or sounds whatsoever. I was able to drive the car away indefinitely with no warnings whatsoever. I put it in park and back into drive again still no warning. It was only after I exited the car, did the car no longer operate. Then when I tried to put in park, it offered an error message that the key was not detected.

I have contacted Tesla and apparently their understanding was that it should give a warning as soon as the key was not detected. They said they would research it and get back with me.

Common problem with keyless cars nowadays. Interesting how different manufacturers "solve" the problem. All cars that I've had or been in when the key was accidentally removed kept running. That in itself I think is a must, for safety reasons. A Toyota Sienna will give a warning and sound the chime a few times. It's kinda soft though so if you're distracted you can miss it. The Volt actually has a really neat feature. If the key goes missing a message shows up in the speedometer display, the chime goes off as one would expect, BUT if you then close any door (it is assumed a person got out with the key in his/her pocket) the car actually honks the main horn 3 times, VERY good feature. It warns the driver and also warns the person walking away with the key. This scenario happened to us about 2-3 times and every time immediately fixed the problem.
So my vote for Tesla is do exactly that. A big font warning and indoor chime (like frunk open) and if any door changes state from "open" to "closed" sound the horn 3 times in a row.

Yes, I am totally OK with the car continuing to operate, just would really appreciate an alert when the key is no longer detected.

@CU OPEC Your evaluation of the Volt reminded me of a bit Bill Cosby used to do. He hated the old fashioned "church bell" door chimes. He thought it would be much more effective that when someone rang the door bell the chime would simply be "Hey!! Someone's at the door!"

So, instead of honking three times if there'd be some announcement from the car like "Hey!! Get back here with my key!!" I think it would be quite effective.

Haha yeah of course..if there was a PA speaker installed, how cool would that be. Then we'd be getting close to KITT LOL.
I think with the existing electronics (and I hope and assume the horn is electronically connecred like in most new Mercedes where a CAN bus command can be used to trigger the horn) then this would be a rather simple software "fix" for Tesla!

For me it comes in very handy. I'll drop my husband off at the hardware store or something with the key, drive to another store and park. When he's done, he'll walk to the store and use the key to get in.
As long as one is aware of this, I see no problem. A beep might me good as a warning.

There you go! It's not a bug, it's a feature :-)

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