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Washing and maintenence of Model S

Hi everyone, I've learned a lot from these forums and wanted to share what I've found to take care of my model S.

Here is a picture of all the items I've found that work great. All of these items can be bought at Amazon and some at your local auto shop.

Starting from the left and back.

Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer Wipes
I use these wipes on the interior of the car to wipe off dust. Use it on all surfaces.

Liquid Glass Wax
This wax is really the best wax I've found. I'd suggest anyone that has a Model S to apply it asap to keep your car looking in top shape. It adds a coat onto your car that makes water, dust, etc fly off you car much more easily. It also allows you to use water to dry your car. Here is a good link to show how it's done.

You can use liquid glass on your windows too and it makes washing your car so much easier if you use the water drying method. This product is also very easy to apply and to remove. I can't say enough about this product. Everyone should use it asap to protect your paint!

Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II.
This car wash solution makes tons of foam with the foam gun. Makes washing your car fun and really speeds up on the time it takes. I wash my car weekly now and it seems to take about 20 minutes for a whole wash.

Microfiber Towels
These towels soak up everything and are relatively inexpensive. Do not wash your car with those old squeegee things. They suck and you have to ring them out when they get wet. I'd suggest getting a 36 pack and also 2 large sizes to dry your car. I got the super large ones at the local auto store.

303 Products Aerospace Protectant
I haven't tried this one yet but the reviews seem really positive to treat your interior dashboard, leather, etc.

Gilmour Foam Master Original
This item is really handy and helps to save lots of time on your wash. Purchase the original because it comes with brass connections and will last longer than the plastic ones. My normal routine would be to:
1. Rinse down Car
2. Foam the whole car
3. Clean rims first
4. Wash car
5. Rinse/Dry with water
6. Dry with microfiber towels

Grit Guards
Grit guards go into your standard 5 gallon bucket. It keeps all the dust and grit from moving around and scratching your paint.

White wax Applicator Pad
Use this in combination with Liquid Glass. It makes applying the wax so much faster and easier.

Hose sprayer nozzle w/ quick connect fittings
I'm sure you've all seen these but I wanted to write about the quick connect fittings. With the quick connect fittings you can switch between heads very easily. Saves time and you will love using them. I got my quick connect fittings at home depot.

Kraco K2520BLK Black Rubber Universal Runner
I didn't take a pic of this in the car but I found this to be a very good fit for the back seat floor. It was inexpensive and pretty good material.

The last few items are simply scrubbing tools found at your local auto shop. Use microfiber ones again. They work great and last a while. Hope this helps some of you guys!

@cb9 what detergent are you using? Micro-restore is a great MF detergent to use. ~2oz per small load.
As for xpel... the sooner you get PPF on the better as it'll protect you from inevitable rock chips.

As for anyone else who may be interested in Opticoat, I offer both 2.0 as well as Pro. Have done a few Model S's already

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