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Tell Obama that it makes little sense to give us a $7500 tax credit to purchase an electric car but not invest significantly less to provide us a place to charge when visiting a National Park or other public area.

How much would it cost to install a NEMA 14-50 plug if power is available nearby? Probably a lot less than the tax credit for 1 car! Even a row "Level 2" stations probably cost less.

There is a bit of hope in charging up at the National Parks.

I made the following comment to The White House:

"For the cuts to the National Park Service to be truly draconian, you should only allow visitors who drive or ride in CNG or EV Zero Emission Vehicles into the parks."

Now that's change that the visitors would notice!

P.D., you have me very confused on all this money that Tesla is getting from the taxpayer/ government. You were telling Tiebreaker that "Tesla receives significant Direct government credits in cash for EV battery production." You then go on to say that " Tesla also benefits directly from a government subsidy in the form of a 7500. Payment etc etc". Now I know that the Father of the modern electric car. -W, did start the ball rolling, but I cannot find any reference to this government money that Tesla received except for the loan.

Now we know about the Loan and we , as buyers ,are getting a tax credit. I would really like to know what other monies Tesla is getting. Sorry to keep asking this same stuff.

P_D seems to consider that TM would not have gotten the $7500 unless the credit existed. While it is probable a few sales might have been lost without it, I see no other impact on TM's finances.

Brian H, it appears that P. D. has a tough time backing down from statements that have gone toooo far.. He is a really eloquent guy and it would have been interesting if he would have continued the discussion.

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