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The We The People Tesla petition 100,000 signatures CAN BE MET

I'm not sure if everyone knows about this (I didn't know about it until Tesla posted about it on the Facebook page) but there is a petition on We The People that is calling for Tesla to be able to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.

I know there is a tracking thread under the Model S forum, but I have something different to add in mind.

As of this moment, over 30,000 people have signed the petition online, over the 22 days the petition has been open. That's a little unsettling, given that there are only about 7 days left to gain 70,000 more signatures if the petition is to be addressed by the Administration.

This being said, I was the 8,280th person to sign the petition, 3 days ago. The petition only had 8,000 signatures in 19 days, yet in the last three nearly triple that number added to the count. The rate at which the petition is gaining signatures is growing exponentially, and given the current trend, the petition can surely meet the required 100,000 signatures by July 5th.

This idea is probably already common or contemplated knowledge, so I'll also say this: If you haven't signed the petition on yet, SIGN IT, the link is above. Then, share it on your Facebook count multiple times over the next crucial week, or over any other social media like Twitter or emails. It is so crucial that we as Tesla followers continue to share this petition with as many people as possible, even ask them to continue to share the existence of the petition as well.

After that, I guess there's nothing else to do but watch.

your post would be more useful and interesting if you actually gave the time.
82,942 @ 5:16 pm PDT

83,649 @6:59 p.m. PDT

I just signed: 94,618!!! So close.

98,852 @ 1:21 EST July 2

Just 400 to go...

J. R.
Galveston, TX
July 02, 2013
Signature # 96,215

Only a 132 to go now...

That's 50 more in less than 10 seconds. 71 needed at 12:56:20 PM Central

Over 100K at 12:57 PM Central

W. L.
San Rafael, CA
July 02, 2013
Signature # 100,001

Let's not stop now!

I wonder if there is an API so someone could graph the locations of the signatures...?

And to think 8 days ago I was the 8280th. Now the nation can be educated on what's going on about Tesla.

Thank you to T. P. in Houston, TX for signature #100,000. If Elon doesn’t present him/her with a Model S, perhaps we should take up a collection and send him/her a gift.

I was #238 on June 21, sixteen days after the petition was initiated.


We all helped, are we all going to get Model Ss?

cloroxbb, it would cost tesla nine billion dollars to give everyone a tesla who supported the petition (100,000 tesla at 90k a piece is 9 billion dollars).

It was a joke. I don't think just because someone was the 100,000th signer, that they deserve a prize. If anyone were it would at least be the petition creator I would think. It takes initiative.

New Thread started by riceman on the "Tesla Model S" site. "100,000 signatures reached on White House Petition". Let's work together, now that we reached the 100,000 signature target.

I suggest that you email your governor, state legislators and members of Congress. Let them know that the goal of 100,000 signatures on a White House petition favoring direct sales and service of cars has been achieved. Here is the petition link:

Curt Renz: Excellent idea. The previous 28 page thread to the "100,000 signatures ..." was called "Petition to allow Tesla to sell in all States- Tracking Progress". It's on the "Tesla Model S" site. 28 pages of interesting reading, many good suggestions.

Can we continue adding signatures? May be reach 1,000,000 over time? Is there a way to form a PAC gather $$$ from shareholders, current and car owners? Then lobby to pressure the local governments? Tesla can run the PAC. Focus those resources in decisive states? May be lobby the DOJ at the Federal level? I would rather see the DOJ spend their money to uphold interstate commerce. That why they pay taxes to the Feds.

Anybody here will connections to PAC, lobby biz? Any lawyers in the house who can advise on how to make DOJ to move?

We got to cut the car dealers to size and not let them extort the country.

Bubba2000: Can you move your comments to the new thread:
riceman on the "Tesla Model S" site. "100,000 signatures reached on White House Petition". Let's work together, now that we reached the 100,000 signature target.

Bubba2000: Your right, I like the way you think.

I signed it. It's past 100,000 now. Congrats.

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