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Web Design Studio is operational

Finally get to see MY car!

YAY!!!!WOW!! I designed my car and it's the coolest car I've ever seen!! I can't wait! Black with grey leather, not perf, and lacewood accent. Awesome!

This is wonderful!!! After looking at all the options with my wife she has decided that the best car which she likes the most is the Performance Pearl White with grey interior! She really likes the carbon fiber accents.

Here I thought I would be stuck with the 40kWh battery standard version and have to push for a 60kWh battery.

Does anyone know about the interior roof? It seems to be the same color no matter which accents you pick. There are a few quirks with the design studio (like the black roof on an exterior view when painted roof is selected). That makes me wonder if the interior roof is supposed to change with leather color changes.

I was wondering that also.

I believe the beta cars at the recent Santana Row event all had the same light-colored interior roof. It matches the white leather pretty well, as I recall.

hmmm... that kind of sucks then. Probably downgrading from the performance back to basic. The Performance my wife finds looks too "busy" with all the accents, grey leather and the roof being an off-white color. 20K extra is way over for an interior that's not making her completely happy. I guess it's back to the 60kWh battery with options. It's a shame because I had her sold on the carbon fiber.

@Liz, @Volker,

Here's a recent picture of the rear seat headrests from one of the Betas at Santana Row...

I read somewhere one of the betas at the SR event didn't have headrests installed, but the others did and production cars would all have rear headrests.

My guess is that they are removable to look like the photo above? Thanks again Schlermie!

As nice as the design studio is, I would suggest really trying to see the interior/exterior colors in person. When you see the cars live, it makes a difference.

For instance in the design studio I like the white leather better than the black leather, but when I saw it live, my preference was reversed.

I think those ARE the headrests, fully depressed.

Nope, I guess not. They're much heavier/thicker in the Studio.

Thanks Kevjo

+1 TM, saved my Blue TMS 230 with Tan interior + sun roof

just waiting for the call

I noticed that all the other international markets also have the design studio up and running. The base price is $49,900* everywhere in the currency of that country. The performance model S can be had in all three battery pack configurations. The design studio shows that the performance option comes standard with 19" wheels.

Am I missing something? I didn't see pricing for options or which were standard on any of the design studio stuff. I've been designing my car then going back to the options page and pricing it out. It appears to me that once you select the car you just get shown all the available options for it.

The pics are nice, but I thought we were going to get some packages. I distinctly remember seeing that link just days ago before this new rollout. I hope there will be some popular combinations of options that yield some savings when purchased together. The obvious one to me is combining the premium sound system with the tech package because I assume there is some crossover of parts. The other thing I was hoping to see is some incentive for choosing larger battery packs such as included tech package or leather seating.

It's nice that the design studio is finally here but while the Tesla buying experience may be different from other conventional cars, I still think it would be nice to see pricing on the design studio page and for it to change per changes to your configuration.

The options page states "...... 12-way, power adjustable, heated seats.". But from the design studio and the Betas, it looks like the front seats headrest won't be adjustable. Where's the 12-way coming from?

The 8-way seats with include: forward/backward, height adjustment up/down, reclining backwards/forwards and forward/backward angle of the seat. The 12-way adjustable seat will add lumbar support lower/higher and in/out. Upgrading to the Nappa leather with 12-way will also add memory functions and seat heaters (Walter Franck, Tesla, Ownership Experience Advocate)

OBVIOUSLY, Tesla Motors is doing a great job with finishing touches on the Model S, since at this point, virtually all of the discussion surrounds very minor issues and preferences pertaining to the car.

Congratulations to TM for all the hard work that was expended over the last 3 years! I'm feeling really good right now, because it's become apparent to me that I "bet" on the right "horse". I have a feeling that the launch this summer will be very successful.

I'm looking forward to being invited to the next Fremont event. Perhaps a rollout event of the first production Model S?

All of us (reservation holders), need to come together and support the company at every opportunity, so it will be clear to the press and other potential customers that we really do love the car.

Who's with me on that?

Comments from Tesla emailed to me:

"1. I checked with our product team and the Design Studio is not accurate.
The 2nd row seats will not have the headrests, only the front seats will."

doutt, thanks for the update! I'm confused, but that's ok. :-) We'll see what they come up with for the European market. I doubt you can sell a four/five door sedan here that does not have head rests in the second row.

Curious. How can they achieve five-star crash test ratings without headrests?
Maybe they will have them but a different design from what we see in the design studio

Chris DC, my thoughts exactly.

BTW Volker, going to be in Berlin in July. Vielleicht kann man sich auf ein Bier treffen

Sounds good! I may be in holidays in July, but we'll see. Contact me by private message over at TMC (same nick name as here) to exchange email and phone.

nur ein Bier?

No Headrests in the back seats is a bad idea. I sat in the backseats of the cars at Santana Row last week, with and without headrests. Without headrests, due to the downward slope of the roof towards the rear, my head was making contact with the roof when fully reclined in the seat. I am 5'11". With the headrest my skull was positioned slightly forward and no contact with the roof was made.

Same experience without headrests when I was sitting the back seat.

There should be headrests.

re: headrests
I can only assume that their decision will be for a car that is just as safe as one with rear headrests. Somehow.

re: Studio
I tried to save my "design" in the design studio. The page seemed to save my selection, but I couldn't yet re-load that saved file. Is it just me?

Also, George said it would be possible to order the Performance version without the spoiler. It's not a big deal, but that option is not (yet?) in the design studio. More important for me would be to be able to see the external color and the internal selection at the same time, and a bit closer than the overhead cutaway view. Having the cowling of the external mirror as shown from the angled view (6th of the 8 views) painted as per user selection would probably suffice for me. Others may want to see the headlining at the same time as well so all colors are visible.

I was surprised that the Design Studio doesn't include options/packages, nor does it tally up the price of the vehicle as "configurators" do. I suppose we should truly think of this is a "Design Studio" rather than a configurator. I'd rather be able to take this all the way to a bottom-line cost, however, regardless of how scary that number might be.

Perhaps the rear seat headrests inhibit seeing anything out of the rear view mirror, and they were deleted for that reason?

I've rented some sedans where that was also the case. It renders the rear view mirror useless. I wound up removing the headrests on the rear seats just so I could see behind me.

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