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Web Design Studio is operational

Finally get to see MY car!

Robert.Boston, I was pretty disappointed, as well. A lot of wait time, then a lot of fanfare from George, followed by... a whimper of a surprise: you can pick seat color and trim finish options.
I'm still waiting for my cookie. :)

"George said it would be possible to order the Performance version without the spoiler. It's not a big deal, but that option is not (yet?) in the design studio"

You make that decision when you configure your car 3 months before it is delivered. It would be nice to have it shown in the Design Studio but the decision to allow it to be left off was made a week or so before the Design Studio was made available.

Odd, every version I look at, Production, Sig, Performance or not, has the spoiler.

I wonder if the rear headrests are there but removable. Use only when heads are there to rest-upon them!

Re Design Studio: Has anyone been able to reload a saved car or see what the interior roof looks like with a non-panoramic roof in the side picture of the interior? I'm wondering if these are issues with my browser or if these are persistent bugs in the Design Studio. Thanks.

The only way I have been able to open a saved car is to access it through my "My Tesla" page. I believe that the only view from the side is with the pano roof.

The car in "My Garage" is always black. Is there a disconnect between the car you 'design' (and have saved) and the one that I've got a reservation number for? Do I have to wait for Tesla to call so I can 'design' the car I want them to build?

Mine is sig red just like the one I designed and saved.

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