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Websites that do not post comments

Many articles were posted on different websites misleading consumers about a chevy impala being a comparable product to a Tesla model S. You find them by doing a google search for Tesla or Chevy or TSLA (stock symbol for Tesla). Others gave the impala the credit for being the US-made car to outperform all foreign cars for review score. I tried to leave a comment about that in the following article:

Try posting one yourself. Manipulation of the media?!!! In order to post a comment, they ask for your info... so take your info and, where's the comment?
This is the type of stuff that needs to be called on!

I see your comment.

Also, in the very first paragraph, it says that the Tesla Model S scored higher...

Yes, it scored higher:

Ok, post your comment, see how long they take to post it, and if it is edited. Obviously, a neutral comment wont help in testing this.

Also, go to stocks on your iPhone, look for TSLA Tesla's stock symbol), and articles will come up at the bottom of the screen relevant to Tesla. Now go to articles talking about the new chevy model. Are they displaying comments? So far, with articles relating to Tesla, comments have come up consistently on the in the same place...

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