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Well, it seems the world did not end last night.......

So, Tesla has a future after all....!

Was supposed to be at 10:11 pm Australian time.

crap, I knew I was supposed to do something last night. I was supposed to drop dead.

I'd forget my rear if it were not attached to my shoulders.

I always said I'd be late to my own funeral.

obviously some folks didn't learn anything from the last time world came to an end. see you all at the next apocalypse.

I thought the world would end before I got my Model S, and since I'm picking it up tomorrow, I thought for sure the world would end... Anyone want to buy a bunker? Never been used!

Perhaps it's tonight at midnight, not last night?

Darn! Now I have to start shopping for Christmas. Oh well. At least I'll be driving a Model S to the stores.


Just know its safe now to order your MX.........

Hmmmmm....there's a thought now that we are still here.

ps- told day after xmas likely for vin 2859!

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