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What about older, 30-amp RV connections for charging?

I'm still learning about charging (I don't own a Tesla...yet!). I used to own an RV that had, I think, a 110v 30-amp connection. Any RV park has that kind of connection. I don't see it in the list of supported connections, however. Anyone considering RV parks as emergency charging stations?

Yes indeed, people have been using RV parks. the RV 50 amp connection is just the NEMA 14-50 that we all get an adapter for - 240V at 40A charge rate. A TT-30 is only 120V, and for some reason the Tesla won't charge at anything higher than 20 amps when plugged into a 120V source, so that's a fairly low charge rate, but better than nothing. You do have to make your own adapter for a TT-30 though. You canfind instructions for this and more in this document:

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