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What are the specs for the batteries and the electric motors?

There are magnetic generators coming out, that can eliminate the plug to recharge, and the traveling range limitation.
Here in USA, all the inventors have been poisoned, and in Australia there has been attempts to the inventors too. So check it out...Tesla could be the first electric car to run without the need of recharging batteries or changing them for fresh ones, just keep on running to the driver's delight...


Can't interpret that as spam. Just...ignorance I guess.

Hey Guys me Mark.Well i think that electric motor is am powered machine that transforms electric powered energy into mechanical power.For knowing more about that must visit that url:

Electric motors would be useful I guess. In my opinion, if it will be available all over the world we can reduce pollution.

Pulse Scooters

You are talking about perpetual energy it is physics and not possible. It could be used of extend the charge but not to continually charge without using external energy

wth do you think a Tesla uses? It is driven by an electric motor powered by the battery pack. Duh-duh-dumb.

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