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What did you sell to get your Model S. Ill start

A new porsche and classic car

There is a thread on this.
I'll try to find it. You can too with

A 2004 Honda Valerye Rune Custom motorcycle and a 2004 Acura TLe

My soul.

Audi RS6

2006 BMW M5

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 - Heavily customized.

Infiniti G37 IPL

1500 shares of tsla and a ford taurus sho.

G35 and my kids future education.

Infiniti M37x

2011 Nissan Leaf.

2005 Mini Cooper S and 6 months of retirement.

2007 Honda element

2010 BMW 528i

2002 Lexus SC430 (for sale)

I laid up my 2001 yamaha riva scooter with 12300 miles. Talk about an upgrade!

Lexus HS 250h
BMW r1200gs

skulleyb | May 13, 2013 said

G35 and my kids future education.


I saw a promo for a reality series I never watched where someone asked a parent (who was clearly vexed with their child's life choices):

- Don't you want your child to have a better life then you?
- (deadpan) - No, not really

SO you are fine :-)

A little bit of Apple Stock.

In retrospect, considering the last week's run up of TSLA stock, I should have just swapped Apple for Tesla!

Mercedes CLS AMG and a couple Panerai's.

My Mother's future grave site.

I am kidding! She's going to be cremated.

A few stocks, I think. Nothing painful.

Sold 2006 M5 two weeks ago and bought tesla stock with it. Paid for all the options already including the performance + package! Picking it up this Sat!

Selling a 2012 Honda Insight, which should get me $18K closer to paying off the Tesla, but for the remainder I'm getting a 1.49% 6-year loan from Alliant Credit Union. That loan is so cheap that I know I can do better in the stock market (heck, even my local credit union will give me 2% CD for 5 years). Effectively I'm making money on the loan ;)

Oh yeah, and a bunch of ISRG stock that was up 600%


ISRG....nice sounds like you are an urologist doing some prostrate surgery or with your ID might be anesthesiologist using a lot of propofol without the sevo.

2003 BMW z4 and 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid and whatever my wife wants for the next couple of years

brycelisah, funny -- took me a minute to get it! "Xerogas" is my vanity plate for I bought my last tank of gas. Ever. Wednesday I pick up my Tesla.

As for propofol...nah I'm just a software engineer. Motley Fool helps me make investment decisions; had never heard of ISRG before they highlighted it a few years back.

2011 Chevy Volt

My first born. Oh, we don't have any kids and maybe that is why we can afford the Model S. we still have a 2011 Leaf on lease, but the Model S will replace that in ALL of our general driving. However we still have about 6 months to go on that lease.

Leases can be sold. Google it.

Hours - a lot of them..

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