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What Dress Goes Best with a Tesla?

Suggestions welcome from any gender.

I say something fitted and sleek on top, but with enough room in the skirt to allow comfortable leg movement and grace when exiting the car. Enough skirt length and no plunging back to avoid skin contact with the seat., bare arms and less coverage in the front are fine. A fabric with stretch to avoid wrinkling.

Agree with Jill S, killer heels are fine to take with me in the car, but stilettos make it hard to finesse the accelerator pedal, so I'd prefer driving moccasins while actually driving. The abundance of clear floor space makes it easier to swap into less practical shoes before stepping out.

Driving moccasins are key. Driving in high heels ruins the back of the shoe and there is less ability to control the accelerator pedal. I usually just change shoes before I get out. Another use for the space between the front seats. Purse and high heel area. It is so awesome.

Jill, Treeva, Sunny - +1!

anything I am wearing at the time - just glad to be driving and enjoying it.

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