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What top speed have you driven?

How fast has anyone had their MS up to? I got it up to 127 yesterday! Awsome

I prefer the Texas approach to armadillos.... Toss'm on their backs and put a bud in their hands.

also, once hit a ground hog at 191 on the downhill to turn 5 at Road America. I did not feel a thing!

Yeah, gotta be careful or Nature will evolve uncrushable armadillos. >9|

The problem with too fast on a public road is that others don't hear it. Still, the temptation is huge.

@Velo1, was that going to the store for the milk or bread?

I took my S to the track last week. I wasn't driving it because of track rules, but a friend of mine was. We got up to 200 km/h but could only keep it there for short bits due to turns in the track. Also, after about 2.5 laps on the track, the power limiter kicked in and so acceleration was anemic after that point.

It handled beautifully on the track. It's a P85 non-plus.

I did 124 in my regular MS 85kw but have any of you noticed a faint line on the odometer marking that speed? It has now been there for several weeks and remained even after a couple of software updates and the first service done on the car a couple of weeks ago.

Proof you broke the law?


All this is being transmitted back to Tesla HQ, just in case you complain about battery life or something.

topped out at 134 in my Signature once, but no more - that curiosity is satisfied and the cat is intact.

I'm keeping mine to 55mph during the break-in period. Then I'll let 'er rip up to 60.

110 on a 1/4 mile drag track--- Bandimere

@ tes-s

you still have to go through a "break-in" period? I thought only ICE needs that. Or am I missing something here? You are joking right???

98 mph on a freeway on ramp.

@arldent - yes, just joking. You must not be an owner yet - I don't think a 90-year-old grandma could keep the car under 55...

134 Mph - Germany

216 Km/h ...

When I first got it, I did 111 mph briefly, and I was amazed at how quiet and smooth it was. My wife said I was trying to keep it binary. I think getting that fourth digit would be difficult, though.

187 kmph in Holland, so I backed-off for fear of being nicked!

The car felt very happy at that speed and to be fair, I wasn't going that much faster than everyone else around me...

102 is a nice number.

I will be visiting Lime Rock next week.

133 mph at night is way overdriving your headlight illumination. You could not see that 18 wheeler blocking the road ahead in time to stop. And if you do get in an accident and somebody is killed you will be spending the next decade in prison.I hope I am somewhere else while you are doing it. 133 mph might be semi safe (at least to others) in daylight and just the right road.

But why speed so fast when there is so little feeling of speed in a Tesla? When I first got mine I found myself in the high 80's just trying to pass.But I've learned to modulate the throttle since then.

Never had a desire to be a member of the 3 digit club but on a recent nostalgia trip to my college we crested a hill and there before us was about 2 miles of perfectly straight road with an overpass at the bottom of the highway segment beckoning as a finish line. Immediately the devil/angel conversation began in my mind and lasted pretty much until we were really close to the overpass, missing the opportunity. As we approached, I looked up and remember thinking that it was a very funny place for a car to park and as we passed under I clearly saw the lights on top of the car and thought that others must find the stretch of highway irresistible and law enforcement is clued in as well.
So I counted my lucky stars, thanked the angel on my shoulder and continued down the road...... until we crested the next hill and found a nearly identical layout without the overpass.
I recollect with sadness the energy blip passing off the graph after the next 30 mile interval.

@Half Dollar Bill: That was just beautiful.

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