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What is the Turning Radius?

Has anyone heard what the turning radius is for this car?

Like many of the detailed specs, this is one that will likely have to wait for the production cars.

I hope it is quite short for a car of its length. MBZ does well in this regard. Any rear wheel drive car can do well because you don't have CV joint to limit turn in.

Not announced, but some of the YouTube-video-making people who rode in the cars at the recent event were commenting on how tight the turning radius was. So I expect it will be pretty good.

Now, if only you could steer the rear wheels, too ...

:D I think there's a VW model that does that, and parks by going straight sideways.

well just disable EPS and TC, turn the wheel and floor it

I like the answer Mark gave on this one.

Maybe, but I don't want my tires' rubber acting as a lubricant.

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