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What is the US Governement response to the petition?

There was a public petition that ended july 5 with 114650 signatures, asking
the federal governement to : allow Tesla Motors to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states.
Here is the URL about it:

Was there a response given by the governement about this question?

I think the main effect will be indirect. The legal issue is state jurisdiction, so WH involvement is problematic.

Wouldn't federal interstate commerce laws trump state laws? How if limiting or banning Tesla NOT interfering with interstate commerce?

They haven't responded yet.

October 24th 2013, the White House still hasn't responded to the petition! Sheesh

Been many months, I think the White House is dodging the question...

I am shocked!, shocked!! I tell you, that Obama hasn't responded. But not surprised.

Count your blessings.

Considering the location of Obama's home state, I am not too surprised he hasn't responded. Very disappointing though, considering the supposed commitment to reducing greenhouse emissions.

A response will come, I think. Even if it's to say the president defers the issue to the states. The important value is more press will come from any type of response. Brings the Tesla issue to a broader audience. I think I'll get worried if nothing comes out around the one year mark...

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