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What IS this?

Something is happening.... I have become ridiculous! I am 55 years old and acting like a teenager in love! Completely distracted, obsessed! I have a nice, sweet Acura that very comfortable, gets me everywhere I need to go, occasionally high maintenance, but loyal and reliable. A couple of weeks ago, I started somewhat idly looking at new cars. Then I saw the Tesla Model S, and was immediately "smitten!" I like nice cars, but I have never been a "car guy," never been passionate like this about a car! Since that time it gets worse every day! I find myself daydreaming, like the kid who is in love with that girl that he knows is "too good for him," just beyond his reach. I can't spend this much on a car! (My lust is for nothing less that the S performance 85, loaded) But I can't help myself! I have read every article and review, seen every video. Yesterday, on my way home from work, all I could think of was Model S! I get home and I can't wait to get online and see pictures and videos of her! She is so gorgeous! And I just can't help but imagine what she would be like in my hands, if she were mine, what she is capable of! What seduction! I can't even look at any other car anymore! She is all I want! I can't get her out of my mind! Help!

1+ to everything here! Have had mine for 1 week and so so happy. Have a loaded 85 performance, and worth every $. I like to drive fast and fun, so the extra range really comes in handy as 240 miles turns into 150 real fast when you are having fun with the car. If you like to drive 55, then you will be fine with a lower capacity battery, but beware, 55 is not easy to stay at, 55 - 80 takes like 1.5 seconds!

Gave some friends a ride today, as soon as we got back they both ran to their computers and placed their orders! It's contagious!

I am normally quite practical, fiscally conservative, and I previously drove moderately priced Hondas and Toyotas. My Model S 60 kW arrived in January and I am in love with this car. I cannot get enough. This feeling is so overwhelming that I went online and ordered a P85 yesterday. Does anyone know a good shrink? I need help!

I got my Tesla 3 weeks ago and already have over 1800 miles on it!
Every time I get in the car and drive it, I feel complete.

My 21 year old son came home the other day from college and asked to drive it. The 1st words out of his mouth was "Holy Shit! This car is amazing!" He did not have the Tesla grin. He had the Tesla hysterics. He was laughing uncontrollably at how amazingly the car drives. When we were done dining that evening, he begged to drive it home.

I have plenty of friends and strangers who say how beautiful the car is and that's just looking at it. Once you drive it, it is intoxicating and addictive. There is no other way to describe it. AND it never gets old.

I echo Ddruz. I went through it myself. It is hard to eliminate options but you don't need to get it fully loaded. There are things you can do without but get it if you can afford to.

I got the std 85, it is plenty fast for me.

Tesla hysterics, the new syndrome!

Ok, that's it!
I just can't stand it anymore already!
I am gonna put in the res for my very own Tesla S dream car tomorrow!
Thinking 85 but not performance (need to stay out of temptation a little bit, too, you know) Not fully loaded but with pano, that stunning green, (though have to say, I love the blue and grey, too) might as well the sound package, air-suspension, and parcel shelf. Feeling doubt about the tech package though (do I really need all that stuff? seems like it saves pretty good chunk to go without) Can get the HPWC later on, right? Twin chargers? Now? Just in case?

And, are you serious? 8 year unlimited mile warranty on the batt? Amazing! I will never have to go to a gas station again! Why does that notion fill me with such IMMENSE pleasure?

So with that I reckon, I can justify it financially......
"What?" I say to myself? "What? You would never consider paying even 40k for wheels just a few weeks ago! What has gotten in to you?"

Then .... just the unstoppable grin! Twinges of excitement! spring in the step, sparkle in the eye... Yeah, for sure. What has gotten into me?

imherkimer. I have been driving my 85kw Pearl White, pano roof for two and a half months, and there is no going back to ICE vehicles. You will never regrete this purchase. It is absolutely exhillirating to drive and the handling is unbelievable. Good luck with your decision!

You won't regret it--mine cost more than all the other cars in my life put together, and I'm 65. Six weeks later and I still can't believe I have such an amazing car--no, car's not appropriate; it's truly an automobile. And don't worry about charging; you can charge up at every campground or welding shop around the countryside--just relax and plan the next leg of your drive.


Unless you are driving for more than 100 miles on a daily basis, the twin charger is of no value AND you can add it later. HPWC will be available to purchase in the future, and is really of no advantage, unless you have twin chargers.

The tech package's value is the navigation, xenon headlights, power liftgate, and keyless entry.

The Sound package is nice, specially that the car is quite, so there is not much of interference.

If you can live w/60kWh, get it + supercharger option. I planned to get this, then opted for 85 to expedite my delivery (at least that was true when I ordered my car).

Never, ever going back. I am in love with my Tesla!

@imherkimer, I have enjoyed reading your posts, but it seems you are still trying to convince yourself, and money is obviously a material issue or else you would not bring it up. You also have not reserved yet, so I suspect you are still in the self persuad stage.

Performance? Unless you are both dripping in dough and love to drag race, why do you need it? Based on hour history, you don't sound like the show off at every stop sign kind of guy. The regular is plenty fast. In my 4000 miles and 3+months, I've only floored it once, to show my son. I've pushed down accelerator hard w/o florring maybe 7-8 times in 14 weeks, to merge and to switch lanes. My regular version takes off instantly when I need to pass.

Sound? Is it that important to you? Are you an audiophile?

Color, have you considered the standard no extra charge color?

HPWC? why? How often do you need very quick turnaround at home where 2X the charge speed matters? I usually dial the Amp way down, usually under 20 Amp, often less than 10 Amp.In the past 100 days, I've needed 40Amp charging maybe 5 days only.

Twin charger? How likely are you to encounter J1772 of the high Amp variety? In my study of Plugshare, it is a rare animal. This is the only option that I slightly regret not getting, because the aftermarket charge is $3600 vs $1600. However, I have not needed it yet.

Tech Package? Your call. The price is very high, but I must have the extras, but that is me.

Leather, you did not mention. I have it. But it is not a must have.

Of course, if money is not a factor, then load her up and enjoy!

What this is is a phenomenon.
Believe me, as we started building our MSP & the number kept going up & up (85kwh perf, 21" rims, tech package-not even a ? as my husband is a computer scientist-midnight blue paint, suspension...) I'd be lying if I didn't say to myself "$100k for a CAR??"
Now the cost of her is irrelevant. We LOVE her. We find reasons to drive, my husband asks "do you need anything at the store?" And he toys with me when I am in the garage doing laundry he thinks its hilarious to beep at me & make me jump.
She's just FUN and she's just A CAR.
Nope. She is, as my husband JUST SAID, "she is an addiction"

Still grinning ;-) ;-)

I started by justifying the 40kw car because it was not that much more than what was available in an all electric car but offered so much more in performance, looks, range and just sheer enjoyment. By the time I purchased it, I got the loaded 85 (non perf). I have 0 regrets. This is an amazing car and after 2 months and 3500 miles I still look forward to driving it every time. This past weekend I had to use my wife's ICE to take a 380 mile round trip in one day. Wow! I used to think her car was very good (its a VW TDI). The hesitation, all of the dials on the display, the noise, the lack of regen, I could go on... the MS is amazing and I will never purchase an ICE again. I suspect after they deliver a car with a 500 mile range at half this cost, it will be the end of the ICE. We are truly witnessing history with this car.

I always thought a variation on the Irish saying "The only cure for love is marriage" would apply with the MS. I figured the fever would break soon after delivery. It didn't. It's been 3000 miles.

This weekend I insisted a colleague and her husband had to go out for a lunch and test drive with me. They were talking about getting the car & solar panels by the end of lunch.

Met another couple for dinner. They wanted to see the new car. Then they wanted a ride. Next time they want me to drive to a restaurant much farther away....

And so it goes...

Yeh, I am not a car guy, and not a restaurant guy. I keep spending time on this forum, and keep looking for restaurants far away to drive to. Such are the problems of owning a Model S. Those of you on this forum, the addiction probably started already!

Imherkimer, did you do it?

+1 What's the verdict?

Be sure to check in on the reservation thread too! ;-)

Yes! I did it!
My "garage" now says "The Tesla Factory is building your model S!" It was lightning fast, put in res on Monday, and signed papers Tuesday. Wednesday morning the message that the factory is building it! Almost in shock! They say I am gonna get my Tessie in 4 to 6 weeks! Unreal! From all I have been reading, I was expecting at least a few months delay. (Sorry for you folks in Europe, who still wait, or those with delayed 40s or 60s) It seems that the 85s are rolling off the line now, great news for me and, I hope, for Tesla.

Went with the standard 85, pearl white, black leather interior, pano roof, air suspension, 19 in tires, declined the tech pack and, after talking to David at Tesla, decided that the standard sound system would be really adequate for me, also.

I was putting in the res, nearly completed and was distracted by a phone call, which lasted over one hour. Just as I was getting back to the computer to complete the res, David called to ask if I had any questions. Wow that was fast! So, I said "as a matter of fact..." and went on to list several of my questions and concerns.
Really appreciate how he was straight forward and informative, and didn't try to "sell" me on anything. In fact, I dropped a couple of the options after talking to him, and felt like I made a better informed choice.

So far so great!
But only one problem. I am just as "infatuated" as ever!
Obsessive. Silly!
But now I am also full of other thoughts. Where I live in Northern Wyoming, we have almost no infrastructure, or service for EV's. The dealerships offer them for sale, but the only EV's I have seen driving around here are two little Smart Cars.

I am trying to plan a trip to Denver, for instance. There are no listed charge points or anything until I get to Fort Collins, CO. (Aprox. 370 miles) It appears there is a KOA in Casper, and another in Douglas, about half way, so I could perhaps charge there (how much time? Is there a fee? I don't know). Apparently the Nissan dealership in Casper has charging (would they allow me to charge a Tesla there?)

I am kind of on pins and needles. Really excited that I will have my sweet "S" with me for summer! Kind of in shock that I jumped in, since, as I mentioned above, it has always been sort of an "article of faith" with me to never spend this kind of money on a car. That said, I feel really good about it. Not just for the car for me, but also because I really believe in what Tesla is doing, and I am proud to contribute and to be a part of this revolution. It could mean so much to all of us in the long run!

Thanks everyone for posting, for your encouragement and advice, and camaraderie.

Go Tesla!

Congrats. I don't want to bring you down from your obvious high, but the My Tesla Page always says "the factory is building your model s" from the time you sign the papers until often well after you actually have the car. I was also told 4-6 weeks for delivery about 5 weeks ago and was just told this week that I can expect it in mid May, which is another 4-6 weeks. I am still beyond excited and can't wait but had to reset my expectations on delivery a few times.



Your infatuation is going to turn into a full blown love affair and it feels good!

Congrats, imherkimer! I think you've hit the nail on the head. And it's great to know that I'm not the only one with this unshakeable feeling.
I put in my reservation on 12/28/12, and I'll be picking up my 60kw on Sunday, 3/24/13, less than 3 months after being told "6 to 9 months." And it certainly doesn't hurt that the people on this forum are so nice and infinitely informative about my favorite subject.
One friend of mine, a financial advisor, said, "it's a nice car, and if you could guarantee me the future viability of the company a few years from now...." True, I had to admit his concern was valid, but this car is going to serve me for 8 years or more regardless, even if the company goes under (God forbid!), so long as I have an electrical outlet in my house. But this skepticism does speak to our obligation as EVangelists to spread the word about this planet-changing technology, as some were talking about on a post I read yesterday regarding personalized license plates. The more people (like you and I) who realize the importance of investing in this budget-stretching technology, the greater the chance that it will truly change the world.
Again, congrats!

I agonized for weeks, "The Volt is 1/2 of what the tesla costs" !!!
I said to myself... I could Buy two for 1 Tesla !
I don't know if the company will be around...
It's the first Run of Tesla's (S), let them work out the bugs...

In the end I'm about to put ink to paper and sign my order today ot tomorrow, I just have to get an OK for the $10K increase in the loan, due to taxes and such.

So do your homework, there are a lot of "Hidden Costs in plain sight" like the $7,500.00 isn't coming back to you until next year's taxes. Tax on the car. Insurance.

From a rational perspective it's a heck of a price if you're used to Sub $20K cars, from a "Getting in on the ground floor" thinking who knows where Tesla's will go, you may be getting a First issued Ferrari, when they were expensive, but now well known, and in 20 Years you may be saying "I owned a first generation Tesla S, my First EV".

I have had the same issues (Can't get it off my mind), and they get worse once you get a Test Drive. The car behaves amazingly, both in performance and handling.

Doesn't sound like it will help you Derek, but make sure you look into your local state EV incentives as well. In Washington, there is no sales tax on EVs at all. So after configuring my Tesla, I just had to add the $1000 for delivery and that was the final price. I also modified my W-4 to start getting the $7500 tax credit back now instead of giving an interest free loan to the government for the next year.

I called around and looked at different insurance companies and in the end, I am switching companies, but my premium only goes up about $50/6 months and I am trading in a Kia Rio for the MS.

Regarding charging in remote locations, the key is planning. For example, here are two sites that list RV parks, with information on charging facilities. You would need to call ahead to learn about their prices and policies regarding charging:

@DouglasR Thanks so much for the links.
Still plenty of time to plan.... and dream
Today it's snowing a little blizzard here
Like all the little thoughts of the coming pearl S
that keep blowing through my mind
Oh the places we' go!

Congrats on pulling the trigger!

North central Wyoming? Cody or Sheridan? I grew up in Jackson (live in Washington state now). I have fond memories of a trip with my Pops to the Buffalo Bill center in Cody when I was in my early teens.

Be sure to give us a delivery update when she arrives!


Do need to learn the charging resources for planning routes through remote areas.
I suspect it's not so difficult with 85 kwh. But let's just say there are some really nice drives throughout the region but distances are long and mountainous ... Will be so interesting to learn the energy use behavior, performance in varying conditions. How great to venture out through the country with a minimum of noise no gas and no fumes, and with plenty of room for stuff. And all the while be super fun and gorgeous! She's all I've ever wanted ... sigh. Gotta get back to work.

The funny thing is, when I first reserved the car three and a half years ago, I assumed it would be for around town and short trips only. I heard nothing about superchargers and did not expect to be able to take the car on road trips. When TM announced the supercharger concept, it opened a whole new world of possibilities. Still, I had grown accustomed to flying when I wanted to travel anywhere further than a couple of hundred miles from home. Now that I have the car, I find I want to drive it every chance I get, and long road trips have become very attractive to me. So finding or building the appropriate charging infrastructure has now become something of an obsession. I can't wait for the superchargers to be built out.

Oh, the mental disorientation. Going from minimizing driving time to maximizing. What a brain "overturn"! :D

@goneskian: thanks, yes, I live in Sheridan. Will update when she's on her way and when she shows up!

@ DouglasR: After doing some checking and some preliminary planning for longer road trips from here, it turns out the big factor is time. Because its not difficult to find a charge, its just that at the moment there is no fast charging anywhere around. So to go from here to Denver, 426 miles, that is about "a full charge and a half" or more. Fastest available is in a RV park, or KOA campground using RV charger 240v 14-50 will charge half the battery in about 4 hours. In this way the trip to Denver goes from 7 hours to 11 hours, and a round trip from 14 hours to 22 hours on the road (ouch!) As long as we have plenty of time, we can hang around and wait for the car to charge half way there, or divide it up, stopping for two hours in two different locations (probably double the fee for charging -- one place told me it would cost $20.00 to charge up). I have a friend along the way. I feel strange asking if I can stop by to use the dryer outlet!
Hmmm. Still a ways to go till it is as convenient as a gas car, for trips like this, that's for sure. But where there are fast charging or superchargers available that will make all the difference. I could even wait for 1 hour if necessary, but 4 hours, that's just killer. Gonna have to have plenty of time and no hurry to get somewhere. Even the Tesla rep told me "if you need to drive to Denver anytime in the foreseeable future, you will probably need to use a regular gas car." Its true and its reality. If its a leisurely road trip, or a short one, not a problem. If you gotta get there pretty soon, or go and come right back (such as when we occasionally need to pick up someone at DIA), its problematic at this point. Building charging infrastructure IS critical to the long term viability of this technology. (BTW I do believe the charging stations will for the most part be more practical than the battery swap concepts being talked about around the net.)

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