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When and Where will we see Superchargers stations?

I see Superchargers and public stations will soon populate our roads but I'd love to know when, and how the locations are determined. It's the main factor why myself and some of my friends couldn't have one now for the drive between Boston / NYC.

Until people see many of these stations, they will always feel insecure and fully relevant for the masses. It's time to make it real! I have many ideas to make it happen, I'm curious to know about the current plan though.

Thanks for your answers,


Check the supercharger map, it's all there.

Are Tesla Service Centers providing Supercharging stations? I see some charge stations in the Burlimngame Service Center Opening picture.

Great, I'll check it out, thank you both.

@reitmanr - not really, most have HPWC or similar. I haven't checked Burlingame... next time I pass by I'll check it out.

Take the expansion timeline with a grain of salt. They are ramping up installation but the site location and permitting process seems to be holding things up a bit.

Although, as they have admitted, the more Supercharging stations that get installed the easier it is to get property owners willing to share some space for them.

Olivia - You can also check on more detailed progress in your area at Many owners are tracking the progress in the various regional forums. Here's a few examples...

Washington State -!

Oregon -!

Texas -

Florida -


Hmmm, not sure why those first two Florida links didn't work.

Today they just announced a new one in Fremont at their factory.

Just read that Freemont opens tomorrow. A welcome addition!

And San Marcos Texas on Tuesday. Woodburn Oregon should be within the next couple of weeks too.

Great stuff!

Tesla should have a driver heading from one opening to the next, using whatever charging is available. As time went on, it would become easier and faster. Blog and video the treks!

I'd volunteer for that!

Road trip!

I find it difficult searching for information on where the next supercharger is going to open. Wonder why Tesla wouldn't do it? Their quarterly roll-out plan is very impressive. It is more difficult however to find what will happen next week.

Between balky bureaucrats and conflicted contractors, TM is careful not to announce until the last minute.

@Al1 - I was going to suggest you check out the rumored SC thread in the S forums but I see posted the exact same statement in there. Is there a question we can answer for you or are you just here to whine and complain?

That thread IS the best place on the web to find where there are Superchargers coming on line soon and dortor takes time to update the original post quite often. Also, as I suggested above you can check the regional and "Charging standards and infrastructure" sections over at

Tesla only announces sites when they are open for service and not a moment sooner.


over 21 on the super charger map so far and new ones coming almost every week. simply amazing and all FREE, with even faster charging in the plans and battery swaps.

Even some in Norway and Europe is next. China will be importing more $'s in vehicles from us than we import little items from them.

Go USA and Tesla.

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