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When do you expect to sell your Model S?

Most likely keep it for 10 years I'd say...2023 as I doubt anything will come along in that time that will beat this car.

And here's what I expect to say in the ad...

USED: Your chance to own the car that started it all!!! Perfect condition, White 2013 Tesla Model S, 150K Miles, 210 Miles range highway miles on full charge, 240 for city (3rd party warranty certified by Sustainable Charge Inc until 2030 or trade up the 1K mile battery for only $5K!), Tesla check up on motor, inverter and air suspension done last month. No maintenance expected for next 100K miles. Full maintenance details available but I've had no issues with the car. All servicing done at Tesla. Dash has all updates and is working perfectly. New all season tires (10/32's), super quiet, handles great, drives straight, 80% original brakes as I never use them with re-gen and stops on a dime, super quiet and super clean, non smoker. No paint chips or door dings, garage kept with panoramic sun roof, heated seats, steering wheel and side-view mirrors.

Good point. I'm paying about $110k for mine when all is said and done. What if some rich bastard offered me $125k for my delivered car? Tough choice.

Ah, behavior economics. What fun! :)

$125K for my $110K car? No sale! This is my dream to have a car like this. It'll be a classic by the time I sell it.

Would you pay $125k for it? If not, then why wouldn't you take $125k for it?

Behavior economics.

Bird in the hand. It's kind of like the effect of when you name an animal,mand it becomes more difficult to have it for dinner after that.

Also, I think some would pay $125k.

At $125K, I'd have to walk away. Save my dream for another time.

Yea, at 20k produced a year starting in 2013, if someone offered me that kind of ROI that quickly, I'd feel like an idiot not taking it. I'd just get back in line and get another car 6 months later.

It will depend on whether it makes sense to upgrade the battery after 8 years. I suspect in 8 years a much better Tesla car will go 500 miles for half the price. It may be like trying to sell a 8 year old laptop.

I would sell for 125k and get back in line(even if meant losing sig) and agree with David that it would have to happen within the first year or two because production will be ramped up and Battery tech will be better.

If it ages as well as my 1983 380sl (with a LOT less issues, which I expect after the initial kinks are worked out), then I'll keep my "S" indefinitely. It'll be good not to have to run to the gas station before meeting clients. It's also good to show them that we support the local economy and jobs here by "buying Fremont", since our real estate business is based here. At the same time, it will feel real good to no longer support foreign oil.

I'm fortunate to have a 4-car garage, so the "indefinite" part won't be a problem. I was planning to replace my 2000 ML 320 with a 2013 GL or ML Bluetec when my E 350 Bluetec lease expires in Dec. Instead, I'm thinking of just getting the S Performance model for now... I can tell my wife we're economizing by not replacing the 2000 ML that has about 120,000 miles on it, to justify getting the performance model. (In reality, I'll just reserve an "X" and wait for that! :-) For me, after CA taxes, the "performance" will cost an extra $13,050 over an 85 kWh, since I wouldn't option 21" wheels with the latter. If we drive the car for 8 years (the battery warranty before possibly having to replace it), thats $13,050 / 2,922 days = just $4.47/day for my extra fun.

@Discoducky -- you're amazing having already written the classified ad to sell your "S" in 2023!! I've never planned any purchase that far ahead...

If somebody offered us $25K extra after taxes for our performance model, I think my wife would insist I sell it to them and get back in line for later production.


I've already used TSLA stock as a motivation for my son, who's a H.S. junior. I told him if he gets an 800 on either SAT Math or Math Level 2, 100 of my appreciated shares goes into his custodial account. So far, he scored 790 on Math Level 2 the day before the factory tour, and was bummed-out. (He still has a year to re-take to try for an 800.) (My mom bought him $1,000 worth of "F" when he was 2 back in 1997 which is now worth $383 -- well, at least they didn't go bankrupt like GM! :-)

@petero | January 2, 2012 new
In my humble opinion, the “S” is a car to savoir like a fine wine. Thank you Elon.

That would be "savor". On second thought, "savoir" (Fr., know, understand) maybe ain't so far off!

"When do I expect to sell my Model S?"

When there is a fusion car. .

I hope a Mr. Fusion is an add on soon.

I'll let you attach a Mr. Fusion (c.f. "Back to the Future") to your car. I'll wait till I'm convinced it isn't firing neutrons into me.

I'd rather take the electricity from a distant shielded fusion reactor and put it into my electric car outfitted with the latest superconductive coil battery. The one that doesn't emit ridiculous magnetic fields.

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