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When does the stock get the kickstart?

OK article, but she gets mile and kilometers mixed up when first mentioning the Model S' range.

Speculates a bit about a SpaceX IPO and creation of a holding co. for TM and SpaceX.

"sell on rumor, buy on news". Have we had the 'kick' and now are waiting for the next hot rumor?

Seems like deliveries taking place is "news". Buying opportunity? Maybe with buzz about upcoming SuperCharge network details being released this month the next kickstart?

If not the SC network, perhaps the announcement of the 5000th car coming off the assembly line. (Hopefully in early December!) Even if that turns out to be January, it should still give the stock a nice kick.

I'm not betting against these guys making their goal!

I think we have all placed our money on Tesla in one form or another...I think it's a good bet in the long run

the market needs literally the big picture!
2000 Model S parking indoor, ready for take off. This would communicate "Tesla is real Car Company for mass market"!
But they knows this, they are the pros... I'm a little cat... so, I nearly expect them to do a move in this way. It's so excitingly- blamm

Up $1.50 so far today! Maybe some delivery news is getting around.

No, apparently Morgan Stanley upgraded the stock.

I was surprised when I woke up and saw that it was above $32. Right now, it's at 32.54.

The TSLA stock has been so crazy, right now, it' s up over 7% since open. And we've seen such ups and downs before.

Man if I had a bunch of money to play around with (or if I was less conservative with what I do have), I could have made a bunch of money over the year.

the question is: when does the short squeeze start? If they bring the timing together -Superchargers, Ramp up and burning shorties... Tesla will go like a falcon 13

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