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When will Model S 2.0 be unveiled?

I know; I know! Tesla has only just started delivering Model S 1.0, and Elon stated that there were a few tweaks to be made, but that there would be no major changes. This got me to wondering when and if the Model S would have a more or less yearly new model to roll out. 2013...2014 model S? This is when we might see huge differences with the battery pack,those darned cup holders,interior finishes and exterior color choices. I also wonder this because it sounds like they are "done" with the Roadster. Why not have new and improved models of the car? Instead, when they sell out of these there will be no more.(?) Seems like a shame.

brianman, thanks. So we were late in this forum and it was not the first sighting. Anyway, I like the thought that it's the first step towards GenIII!

To bring us up to speed here: The TMC thread comes to the conclusion that the clay model in question actually shows (an early model of) the Model X. Surprise! It looks shorter simply because in fact it is higher (and it does have a shorter nose).

BTW, interesting where the TMC thread ended up, posting images of delivery vans... ;-)

About the right time frame, if it's going to appear at the end of 2015 or so.

Not sure tho'; it has no nose. If that was added on ...

Sorry 'bout that. I didn't dig deep enough.

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